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Dangerous Goods (Shipping) Regulation 2012

Part 1

L.N. 56 of 2012

Section 3


(d) employed in sea fishing plying regularly in the waters of Hong Kong, or using the waters of Hong Kong as a base;

western dangerous goods anchorage (西面危險品碇泊處) means the area of the waters of Hong Kong specified as the western dangerous goods anchorage in the Seventh Schedule to the Shipping and Port Control Regulations (Cap. 313 sub. leg. A).

3. Meaning of dangerous goods in this Regulation

(1) In this Regulation, subject to subsection (2), dangerous goods (危險品) means—

(a) any substance or article falling within a class in the IMDG Code;
(b) Schedule 1 dangerous goods;
(c) Schedule 2 dangerous goods; or
(d) any empty receptacle or any residue in a hold, tank or cargo space fitted into or forming part of the construction of a vessel, that has been used previously for the carriage of any dangerous goods mentioned in paragraph (a), (b) or (c), unless after having been so used, the receptacle, hold, tank or cargo space has been—
(i) cleaned and dried;
(ii) gas freed or ventilated where appropriate; or
(iii) if the previous contents were radioactive, cleaned and adequately closed.

(2) In this Regulation, dangerous goods does not include any dangerous goods referred to in subsection (1) that form part of the equipment, stores or fuel of a vessel.