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Dangerous Goods (Shipping) Regulation 2012

Explanatory Note

L.N. 56 of 2012

Paragraph 1


Explanatory Note

The purpose of this Regulation is to provide for the control of dangerous goods conveyed at sea pursuant to the Dangerous Goods Ordinance (Cap. 295) (Ordinance).

2. The Regulation is divided into 6 Parts.

Part 1

3. Part 1 contains preliminary provisions. Section 1 provides for the commencement.

4. Section 2 contains the definitions of words and expressions used in the Regulation.

5. Section 3 defines the meaning of dangerous goods in the Regulation.

6. Section 4 provides what is meant by carrying on board Class 2, 3 or 3A dangerous goods (defined in section 2) in relation to type 2 or type 3 vessels (defined in section 2).

7. Section 5 exempts the conveyance of dangerous goods by type 1 (defined in section 2) or type 2 vessels from the operation of section 6 of the Ordinance.

8. Section 6 exempts dangerous goods for personal medical use from the operation of the Regulation.

Part 2

9. This Part contains provisions relating to type 1 vessels.

10. Section 7 provides that for a type 1 vessel carrying dangerous goods a manifest must be submitted containing the particulars of the dangerous goods to the Director of Marine (Director).