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Dangerous Goods (Shipping) Regulation 2012

Part 1

L.N. 56 of 2012

Section 1


Dangerous Goods (Shipping) Regulation 2012

(Made by the Chief Executive in Council under section 5 of the Dangerous Goods Ordinance (Cap. 295)))

Part 1

1. Commencement

This Regulation comes into operation on a day to be appointed by the Secretary for Security by notice published in the Gazette, which must not be before the day appointed for the commencement of section 4 of the Dangerous Goods (Amendment) Ordinance 2002 (4 of 2002).

2. Interpretation

In this Regulation—

approved container terminal (認可貨櫃碼頭) means a container terminal specified in Schedule 2;

approved petroleum wharf (認可油品碼頭) means a wharf specified in Schedule 1;

certificate of registry (註冊證明書) means—

(a) a certificate of registry or certificate of provisional registry granted under the Merchant Shipping (Registration) Ordinance (Cap. 415); or
(b) a certificate of registry or other document granted in a place outside Hong Kong and similar or equivalent in effect to a certificate referred to in paragraph (a);

Class 1 dangerous goods (第1類危險品) means any substance or article falling within the class known as “Class 1—Explosives” in the IMDG Code;