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in the absence of the wh. interrupted streakings of un. s. f.w. Sometimes these are almost effaced on n.w. also, together with the orange peac. eyes.

Loc.—Germany: Bingen, Hilden, Botzen. Transylvania. Alsace. France: Digne and Nice. Turin. Spain: Andalusia (not rare), Grenada. Portugal (Spr).

5. T. Acaciæ F. 1 in. Uniform brown with one or two orange lunular spots near anal ang. h.w. “Tail” short and truncated. Un. s. smooth brown, slightly grey green at base, with transverse streak of linear wh. spots continuous across f.w. to in. mar. h.w. Two or three orange peac. eyes along on. mar. h.w., the first and largest with blue centre.

♀ Wh. streak un. s. f.w., more distinct than in ♂. Three or four orange spots at anal ang. h.w. Tail blk. and at the tip of abdomen a pad of blk. hair.

June — July. F. pit. : Blackthorn.

Loc. — C. and S, France : Vosges, Lozère and E. Pyrenees (but rare). Châteaudun(ab.). St. Vit (Up. Loire V., Doubs), near Chambord (Loire et Cher), Dep. Lozère, Murols, L. Chambon, Thiers and La Bassières (Auv.). Digne. Germany : not north of Trier, Toplitz, Domburg-on-the-Saale (rare), Grevenmachem wood, Luxemburg, Alsace (in open woody places on bramble, but rare), Baden, Karlsruhe, on the Hirzberge nr. Freiburg. Switzerland : Lake of Brienne, on the Magglinger and Twann Mountain (on the vines), Martigny, Aigle, Zurich, the Bechburg, Oftringen and Aarburg, Basel, Liesthal, Tramelan.

var. Abdominalis H.S. — Dark uniform brown, with two or three blk. marks at anal ang. f.w. and two orange spots anal ang. h.w. with a very slender long tail between. Un. s. very grey brown, two or three blk. spots at anal ang. f.w. ; marginal wh. line h.w., some pale peac. eyes with large blk. lunules at anal ang. h.w., and wh. streak markings pale on f.w., deeper on h.w.

6. T. Pruni L. “Black Hairstreah” 1 — 1·3 in. ♀. (Pl. II. Un. s.)

Dark brown. Tail blk. H.w. (and sometimes f.w.) with ml, row of orange peac. eyes dinrinishing toward costa. Un, s, of a smooth yellow brown with transverse interrupted bluish wh. streaks. H.w. with ml. border of deep orange, marked with blk. and wh. peac. eyes. Traces (usually) of orange ml. spots on f.w. {always in the ♀).

10th to 20th June.

F. pit. : Plum, sloe, the common barberry, oak, birch.

Loc.— Very local Clearings of woods, often resting on bushes, especially on the Comus sanguineus. Sweden. Hungary. Prussia, at Eibing, Saalfeld, Brauersberg, Liebstadt, and Willenberg. In Oberlausitz only