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but with me its course appears rapid; and when I look back I am surprised at the lapse of days since I left land.

18th.—Last night the appearance of Jupiter, when rising above the horizon, was so singular, that many persons (thinking of pirates) cried out in alarm, "a light, a light;" his rapid ascent in the heavens, however, soon put an end to conjectures.

Our course is now S.E. direct for the Cape—many birds have been flying about us.

20th.—What a busy day this is with you–preparing for grouse shooting. Shall I ever shoot grouse with you again? As I have nothing else to do, I must scribble poetry on the occasion.


Oh, what a spirit-stirring day
  For me would this have been,
Had I on land been doomed to stay;
  But here, how changed the scene!

I tread not now the heathy plains,
  Nor climb the mountain's side,
Where undisturb'd the moor-cock reigns
  In solitary pride.

My path is on the trackless wave,
  And through the billowy foam;
Where ocean birds together have
  Their cradle and their tomb.

 But memory dwells on that dear sound,
  The cheerful, welcome home;
When amidst friends those joys were found
  Which ne'er again may come.

But, home and friends, where shall I find?–
  Henceforth 'twill be my part
To seek for friends within my mind;
  My home must be my heart.