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Page Col. Line
88 ii 10 Pakington, Sir John (d. 1560): for Lyttleton read Lyttelton
121 ii 34-35 Palmer, Edward: for Crompton Scorfen read Compton Scorpin
126 ii 13 Palmer, Sir Geoffrey: after in 1598 read Matriculating as a pensioner from Christ's College, Cambridge, in Dec. 1612 (in the same year as Miles Corbet, the regicide), he graduated B.A. in 1615-6 and M.A. in 1619. He was admitted to the Middle Temple in June 1616.
127 i 13 for Thomas read Francis
144 ii 11 Palmer, formerly Budworth, Joseph: for son read nephew
13 after shire insert and was son of Joseph Budworth, originally of Coventry
147 i 36 Palmer, Richard (d. 1195): for latter read letter
149 ii 6 Palmer, Roger, Earl of Castlemaine: for duly read drily
153 ii 22 Palmer, Roundell, 1st Earl of Selborne: for effort read effect
3f.e. for 1875 read 1878
161 i 9 Palmer, Sir Thomas (d. 1553): for 1550 read 1551
ii 5 for Queen Jane read Queen Mary
166 i 4 Palmer, William (1824-1856): for William read Walter
184 i 14 Panter, David: after 1558 insert and was succeeded in the bishopric by Henry Sinclair [q. v.]
187 i 5 Pantulf, William: for Henry II read Henry I
229 i 5 Parke, Thomas H.: for Lieutenant Stair read Lieutenant William Grant Stairs [q. v.]
240 ii 15 Parker, Henry, 8th Baron Morley: for James read John
245 ii 14 Parker, Sir Hyde (1739-1807): omit but the latter ... his father
247 i 21f.e. Parker, John (fl. 1655): for Anthony à Wood states that he read He
19-18 f.e. for but if so ... extant read (a copy of the small tract is in the Thomason Collection at the British Museum)
268 i 10f.e. Parker, Richard (1767?-1797): for (1767? read (1767
9-8f.e. for born about 1767 . . . well-to-do baker read baptised in the church of St. Mary Major, Exeter, 24 April 1767, was son of Richard Parker, baker
7f.e. for Exeter read the parish of St. Mary Major, Exeter
6f.e. for to have entered read He entered
4f.e. for and to have read and is stated to have been acting lieutenant at the close of the American war. He is also said to have
ii 20-27 for What appears to be true ... by volunteering for the navy and read About 1791 he married Anne MacHardy (of a Scottish family), who lived at Exeter, and leaving the sea went to Scotland. He is said to have been employed at one time in making golf balls for players on Bruntsfield Links. While imprisoned for debt, apparently at Edinburgh, he, in

1797, accepted the bounty of 30l. as a volunteer for the navy, and was drafted to a tender off Leith. He

33 for Parker was recognised read Parker's officer-like bearing caused him to be recognised
269 i 7-12 omit Nor has it ever been explained . . . their chief.
4f.e. for it was said, to take it to Exeter. read she said, to take it either to Exeter or to Scotland.
3-2f.e. for It was, however . . . magistrate read After an attempt to bury the remains in Aldgate churchyard was frustrated by the mob, they were
l.l. for three children read one child; another died just before he left Leith.
Parker Samuel (1640-1688): for Transpos'd read Transpros'd
284 ii 22f.e. Parker, William, 4th Baron Monteagle: for His mother read Parker's mother
319 ii 11f.e. Parkyns, Sir Thomas: for Knype read Knipe
322 i 4f.e. Parmentier, James: for the town of Hull read Holy Trinity Church, Hull
324 ii 5 Parnell, Charles S.: for Mr. Shaw read William Shaw [q. v.]
328 ii 31-33 for Upon the announcement . . . the house, read Parnell was not in the house when this decision was announced,
329 ii 17 after Land Act insert and pointing to the ravages of crime in Ireland warned Parnell that the resources of civilisation were not exhausted by the government.
20 for replied read announced