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The more important editions of Dio are the following: —

1548 R. Stephanus. Editio princeps. Books XXXVI-LX. Based on a single Ms., P.
1551 R. Stephanus. Editio princeps of Xiphilinus.
1592 Leunclavius. Included Excerpta Ursiniana.
1750-52 Reimar. 2 vols. Based on new Mss., L and V. Notes of Reimar and various other scholars; historical notes especially valuable. Good life of Dio.
1824-25 Sturz. 8 vols. Based on Reimar's edition. For the text L was again collated, also L'. Additional notes of Reimar and Reiske. In 1843 a ninth volume was added containing the Excerpts de Sententiis.
1849 Bekker. Superiority of L and M clearly recognized. Valuable for Bekker's emendations.
1890-94 Melber. Latest Teubner edition. Only 2 vols, published. Zonaras (books VII-IX) first printed in connection with early fragments of Dio. Promptly superseded by the following.
1895-1901 Boissevain. 3 vols. (Weidmann). A masterly edition, complete, accurate, conservative. Based on new collations of the Mss., usually his own. Fragments of Books I-XXXV assigned to their respective books for first time in an edition and new division of Books LXI-LXXX. Valuable prefaces and appendices containing accurate description of all Mss., complete text of Xiphilinus, critical discussion of Excerpts and similar collections,