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tunately, had to retire from active musical work for lack of time, but he still occasionally evinces his interest as a musical critic.

In his second term at Oxford Mr Roberts, like Prebendary Webb-Peploe at Cambridge, met with a serious accident in the gymnasium, which necessitated his going down for the next term and brought to a close his reading for honours. Still, as he says, it was some consolation when he went in for a pass, to have his viva voce limited to the first two lines of the first book of Virgil's Æneid, and to be told by the examiners that they greatly regretted he had been prevented from being examined for honours. After leaving Oxford, Mr Roberts postponed his ordination for more than three years, in order that he might study the burning theological questions of the day and be quite sure of his position. In 1874 he was ordained by the present Archbishop of Canterbury, then Bishop of Exeter, to the curacy of Lower Brixham. During his three years residence there he found a football and cricket club, of both of which he was captain, very evangelising agencies. In 1877 he went to Folkestone as senior curate and precentor at the parish church. That recalls an incident. While he was at Folkestone the German battleship Grosser Kurfürst was rammed and sunk by one of her consorts off Folkestone, with enormous loss of life. Mr Roberts buried nearly all of the crew who perished in this terrible disaster, and, as the funerals were