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the mansions on the hill was induced to give out one verse of a hymn, though he immediately sub sided nervously. The next time he would have the courage for two or even three verses. Then a groom from the stables near was drawn to read four or five verses of Holy Scripture. Their voices were feeble and timid ; but by degrees they grew bolder, and gradually volunteered a few words of explana tion as to how they felt the verse of the hymn or of the Bible helped them personally. By this process many active and earnest speakers were brought out, a few of whom have never ceased to bear witness for Christ in this way, and, even after eighteen years, are still working in connection with the same parish, though the greater number are now assisting poor parishes in the neighbourhood. There was soon a considerable increase in the congregation at St Paul s. While some of my men attended the services there, others went forth into the slums of North Kensington to assist in evangelising work, several being now well able to conduct the meetings by themselves. It was also at the Kensington Vestry Hall that we had a remarkable series of meetings on Sunday nights, and from there that our processions used to take place. The company was headed by a banner, which we still preserve here, and which has been the butt for many a missile. Arrived at the Vestry Hall, there began what we now know as the Church Army meeting, conducted by myself in my cassock, in which it was felt that

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