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" What sort of members do you take in a year into your homes ? "

" Well," said Mr Carlile, "in addition to others, 2327 men were received in the Morning Post Em bankment Home, As a literary man that Morning Post Thames Embankment Home should interest you. It was established through the generosity of the readers of the paper mentioned, and it is a refuge for the unfortunate men who, hungry, homeless and hopeless, nightly haunt the Thames Embankment and its vicinity. The officials of the home spare no effort to seek as well as to save. Night after night the workers go out to tell these homeless wanderers of the door that is open to them. The number that passed through the home last year proves what a terrible need existed for it. Our officers can tell some thrilling tales of lives too often young lives ruined through drink, crime and misfortune ; but no matter how low the man has fallen, if he is willing to be raised the Church Army will help him. Then as regards the Provincial Labour Homes, the number of men admitted during 1900 was 2218 634 obtained situations ; eighty-six were restored to friends ; fifty-five joined the Army ; one went into the Navy ; thirteen were emigrated ; forty-nine were sent to hospital ; one was transferred to another home ; four were arrested by the police ; 812 left to seek work; 191 were dismissed; 362 remained in the homes. But we must not forget

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