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Rev. J. B. Peploe, himself the occupier of a pre- bendal stall in Hereford Cathedral. After early education at Marlborough and Cheltenham, he pro ceeded to Pembroke College, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. in 1859, taking his M.A. degree nineteen years later. Before being ordained in 1863 he travelled a great deal on the Continent, and met with a further mishap while figure skating at Dresden. A considerable time was spent in his father s parish of Weobly (Herefordshire), and while there he restored the church, at a cost of between ,3,000 and ,4,000 ; and a similar work was subse quently done at King s-Pyon-with-Birley, in the same Diocese. It was in 1876 that Sir Charles Freake offered him the living of St Paul s, Onslow Square, and, making that the centre of his work, he has laboured continuously ever since for the welfare of rich and poor alike. His Church organisation is held by many to be a model of what is required in these days of religious activity, and as something novel the St Paul s Coachmen s and Menservants Club, in the Old Brompton Road, and a training home for destitute girls deserve mention. He was appointed Prebendary of Neasden in St Paul s Cathedral in 1893, and has shown in a further strik ing way his deep-rooted affection for the Church by contributing three sons to its service.

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