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a soldier, and fought under his own chief each regiment having a different name. All that organisation is destroyed, and the Zulus may not now carry arms. The Swazis are the only people to whom that privilege is granted. They have not been under British rule, but they will be now, I suppose, as the result of the war. They have hitherto been under the power of the Transvaal Government, from which they obtained their customs and laws. The future of our work depends very much upon our schools. Towards these the Government grant last year was ^"600 or thereabouts."

" Does slavery obtain in any form among the Zulus?"

" No ; Zulus have never been slaves, and they would never stand slavery in any degree. People from the West Indies are prone to argue erroneously with regard to the status of slavery in South Africa. To Zululand such arguments do not apply. In some parts of South Africa the Dutch have slaves, as they had at the beginning of last century, but the Zulus and Sjwazis have never been slaves, and that makes an enormous difference, and facilitates the progress of Christianity."

"You have spoken of the chiefs opposed to Christian work. Under what conditions do you enter their spheres of influence ? "

" In Zululand, for instance, the Government will not allow us to start work in a district if

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