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regard is had to his capacity of Bishop of an affected Diocese ; but Dr Carter was frank in his expression of concern as to the result of the war on the faith of the Boers. Before the still waging conflict set up a barrier against even religious unity among the interested races, it was no un common thing to find Boers present at Church of England services, and it is somewhat touching to recall that Church services used regularly to be held at the house of Mrs Louis Botha, who was confessedly a member of the Church of England. The fact grows in importance, when the existence of the Dutch Reform Church is borne in mind.

In conclusion, the Bishop, who had taken care to acknowledge the help afforded his Diocese by the S. P.G., predicted vast future opportunities for the Church in Zululand. His conviction is that the country, with its wealth of minerals, etc., will develop very much, and that when war shall have given place to peace, there will commence a marked increase of European population.

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