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recalled a great gathering held at the Alexandra Palace some eighteen months ago—a gathering which, perhaps, constituted the nearest approach to the joining of hands across the sea and to reunion among the Churches ever witnessed. It was called the World's Convention, and, arranged under the auspices of the Christian Endeavour Society, many hundreds of Americans had braved a voyage across the Atlantic on purpose to be present. Altogether, there were full 50,000 people about the Palace on that (the special) day. The mass meeting was for the reception of messages from the Churches, and side by side upon the platform there sat such well-known representatives of the great denominations of Protestant Christendom as the late Bishop of London and Dr Parker, Mr Hugh Price Hughes and the Rev. J. G. Greenhough (ex-President of the Baptist Union), the Rev. W. Watson (of the Presbyterian Church) and Dr Clark (the American Founder of the Christian Endeavour Movement), the Rev. F. B. Meyer and Mr Charles Sheldon, and others. All the representative men spoke well and with fraternal feeling, Dr Creighton being particularly happy in conveying the hearty sympathy of London Churchmen and in driving home the value of Christlike temper among men. But the keynote of the meeting was the most aptly struck by the Bishop's colleague (Dr Sinclair) in a telegraphic