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XII. Of the strange adventure which befell the valiant Don Quixote with the bold Knight of the Mirrors 74
XIII. In which is continued the adventure of the Knight of the Grove, together with the sensible, original, and tranquil colloquy that passed between the two squires 81
XIV. Wherein is continued the adventure of the Knight of the Grove 87
XV. Wherein it is told and made known who the Knight of the Mirrors and his squire were 97
XVI. Of what befell Don Quixote with a discreet gentleman of La Mancha 99
XVII. Wherein is shown the furthest and highest point which the unexampled courage of Don Quixote reacfled or could reach; together with the happily achieved adventure of the lions 108
XVIII. Of what happened to Don Quixote in the castle or house of the Knight of the Green Gaban, together with other matters out of the common 119
XIX. In which is related the adventure of the enamoured shepherd, together with other truly droll incidents 128
XX. Wherein an account is given of the wedding of Camacho the rich, together with the incident of Basilio the poor 135
XXI. In which Camacho's wedding is continued, with other delightful incidents 143
XXII. Wherein is related the grand adventure of the cave of Montesinos in the heart of La Mancha, which the valiant Don Quixote brought to a happy termination 149
XXIII. Of the wonderful things the incomparable Don Quixote said he saw in the profound cave of Montesinos, the impossibility and magnitude of which cause this adventure to be deemed apocryphal 157
XXIV. Wherein are related a thousand trifling matters, as trivial as they are necessary to the right understanding of this great history 167