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LIV. Which deals with matters relating to this history and no other 370
LV. Of what befell Sancho on the road, and other things that cannot be surpassed 378
LVI. Of the prodigious and unparalleled battle that took place between Don Quixote of La Mancha and the lackey Tosilos in defence of the daughter of the duenna Doña Rodriguez 385
LVII. Which treats of how Don Quixote took leave of the duke, and of what followed with the witty and impudent Altisidora, one of the duchess's damsels 390
LVIII. Which tells how adventures came crowding on Don Quixote in such numbers that they gave one another no breathing-time 394
LIX. Wherein is related the strange thing, which may be regarded as an adventure, that happened to Don Quixote 404
LX. Of what happened to Don Quixote on his way to Barcelona 412
LXI. Of what happened to Don Quixote on entering Barcelona, together with other matters that partake of the true rather than of the ingenious 424
LXII. Which deals with the adventure of the enchanted head, together with other trivial matters which cannot be left untold 427
LXIII. Of the mishap that befell Sancho Panza through the visit to the galleys, and the strange adventure of the fair Morisco 439
LXIV. Treating of the adventure which gave Don Quixote more unhappiness than all that had hitherto befallen him 448
LXV. Wherein is made known who the Knight of the White Moon was; likewise Don Gregorio's release, and other events 452
LXVI. Which treats of what he who reads will see, or what he who has it read to him will hear 457