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Author: Spinrad, Norman
Title: Carcinoma angels
In: Dangerous Visions (Edited by Harlan Ellison)
Publisher: Doubleday & Company, New York
Pages: 489-497
Date: 1967
Format: Short story
Descriptor: Drugs as mind-expanders
Annotation:Protagonist suffering from terminal cancer seeks remission of disease. With the aid of massive doses of various hallucinogenic agents he reaches an ostensible mental state in which he is capable of entering his own body to do psychic battle with the cancer cell. In series of metaphorical contests he destroys the invaders, but is unable to return to real-world consciousness and is remanded to mental institution, trapped within his own body.

Author: Wilson, Colin
Title: The Mind Parasites
Publisher: Arkham House, Sauk City, Wisconsin
Pages: 222 pp.
Date: 1967
Format: Novel
Descriptor: Drugs as mind-expanders
Annotation:A research project involving heavy doses of mescaline and LSD leads to perceptions revealing the existence of invisible "mind parasites," alien invaders who have long controlled and influenced human life. With the aid of the drug, experimenters unleash mental powers with which to combat the invaders.