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Medico-Psycholog. Assn. of Gt. Britain and Ireland (1841, incorp.

1895); New Sydenham Society (1858), which published Biennial Retrospect (1867, &c.), and translations and reprints of books and papers of value, succeeded the old Sydenham Society (1844-1858), which issued 40 vols.; Ophthalmological Society (1880), Trans.; Pharmaceutical Society (1841), with museum, Pharmaceutical Journal (1842, &c.); Physiological Association (1876), Journ. of Physiology (1878, &c.); Röntgen Soc., Journal; Royal Institute of Public Health (1886, incorp. 1892), Journ. Royal Sanitary Institute (1876, incorp. 1888), the council of which appoints examiners, directs Parkes Museum, founded in 1876 in memory of Dr E. A. Parkes; Society of Medical Officers of Health (1856), Trans., and Public Health; Soc. of Public Analysts, Analyst. The provincial societies are very numerous and include: Bradford, Med. Chir. Soc. (1863); Bristol, Med. Chir. Soc.; Cardiff, Med. Soc. (1870); Liverpool, Sch. of Tropical Med. (1898, incorp. 1905), Memoirs; Manchester, Med. Soc. (1848); Newcastle-upon-Tyne, North. and Durham Med. Soc. (1848). Dublin, Roy. Acad. of Med. in Ireland (1882), Trans. (1883, &c.); Pharmac. Soc. of Ireland (1875). Edinburgh, Roy. Med. Soc. (1737; charter 1778); Harveian Soc. (1752); Medico- Chirurg. Soc. (1821), Trans. (1824, &c.); and Obstetrical Soc. (1840). Aberdeen, Med. Chir. Soc. (1789). Glasgow, Medico-Chirurg. Soc. (1866), based upon Med. Soc. and Med.-Chirurg. Soc. (both 1814), joined by Path. Soc. in 1907.

Australia: Melbourne, Med. Soc. of Victoria, Austr. Med. Journ. (1856, &c.). Canada: Montreal, Union Méd. du Canada, Revue (1872, &c.); Canada Med. Assoc., Trans. (1877, &c.). India: Bombay, Med. and Physical Soc., Trans. (1838, &c.). Calcutta, Med.

Soc. Trans. (1883, &c.).
United States: Amer. Pub. Health Assoc., Reports (1873, &c.);

Amer. Dental Assoc., Trans. (1860, &c.); and Amer. Inst. of Homoeop., Trans. (1878, &c.). The headquarters of the American Medical Association (1847) are at Chicago; it publishes a Journal. The American Surgical Association (1880) unites at Washington every third year with the Congress of American Physicians and Surgeons. The State medical associations include those of Alabama, Trans. (1869, &c.); Georgia, Trans. (1873, &c.); Maine, Trans. (1853, &c.); Missouri, Trans. (1851, &c.); and South Carolina, Trans. The State medical societies include those of Arkansas, Trans. (1877, &c.); California, Trans. (1870, &c.); Illinois, Trans. (1851, &c.); Kansas, Trans. (1867, &c.); Michigan, Trans. (1869, &c.); Minnesota, Trans. (1874, &c.); Nebraska, Trans. (1869, &c.); New Jersey, Trans. (1859, &c.); Pennsylvania, Trans. (1851, &c.); Rhode Island, Trans. (1877, &c.); Texas, Trans. (1874); and Wisconsin, Trans. (1880, &c.). To these have to be added the following town associations. Albany, Med. Soc., Journal (1807, &c.). Baltimore, Med. and Chirurg. Faculty of Maryland, Trans. (1856, &c.). Boston, Amer. Gynaecolog. Soc., Trans. (1876, &c.); Mass. Medico-Legal Soc., Trans. (1878, &c.). Denver, Acad. of Med. (1903). New York, Acad. of Med., Trans. (1847, &c.) and Bull. (1860, &c.); Med. Soc., Trans. (1815, &c.); Medico-Chirurg. Soc., Trans. (1878, &c.); Amer. Surg. Assoc., Trans. (1883, &c.); Medico-Legal Soc., Sanitarian (1873, &c.); Amer. Ophthalmolog. Soc., Trans. (1865, &c.); Path. Soc. (1844), Trans. (1875-1879), Proc. (1888, &c.). Philadelphia, Med. Soc., Trans. (1850, &c.); Obstet. Soc., Trans. (1869, &c.); Amer. Pharm. Assoc., Proc.; Patholog. Soc. (1857), Trans. (1897, &c.); Coll. of Physicians (1787); Amer. Soc. of Tropical Med. (1903). Richmond, Med.

Soc., Trans. (1871, &c.).
France: Besançon, Soc. de Méd. (1845), Bull. (1845, &c.).

Bordeaux, Soc. de Méd. (1798), Journ. (1829, &c.); Soc. de Pharm. (1834), Bull. (1860, &c.); Soc. de Méd. et de Chirurg.; Soc. d'Anat. et de Physiol. (1879), Bull. (1880). Caen, Soc. de Méd. (1799; known by its present name since 1875), Journal (1829), Mém. (1869). Chambery, Soc. de Méd. (1848), Comptes rend. (1848, &c.) and Bull. (1859, &c.). Grenoble, Soc. de Méd. Havre, Soc. de Pharm. (1858), Mém. Lille, Soc. de Méd. (1843), Bull. (1845, &c.). Lyons, Soc. Nat. de Méd. (1789), Le Lyon méd. (1869, &c.). Marseilles, Soc. de Méd. (1800), Comptes rend. (1826-1853) and Le Mars. méd. (1869, &c.); Soc. Méd.-Chirurg. (1872). Paris, Soc. de Méd. Pratique (1808), Bull.; Acad. Nat. de Méd. (1820); Soc. Nat. de Chirurg. (1843, reorganized 1859), Mém. (1847, &c.) and Bull. (1851, &c.); Soc. Anat. (1803), Bull. (1826, &c.); Soc. Clinique, Bull. (1877, &c.); Soc. Méd. des Hopitaux, Bull. (1849, &c.); Soc. Méd. Legale; Soc. de Pharm. (1803), Journ. (1815, &c.); Soc. de Thérapeutique; Soc. Fran. de Hygiene; Soc. Centr. de Méd. Vétérinaire (1844), Bull.; Assoc. Int. de l'Inst. Marcy (1898) (for examining physiological methods and apparatus), Bull., Travaux. Rouen, Soc. de Méd. (1821), Union Méd. (1861, &c.); Soc. Libre des Pharmaciens (1802), Bull. Toulouse, Soc. de Méd. (1801), Bull. and Revue (1867, &c.). Tours, Soc. Méd. (1801). Germany and Austria-Hungary: Deutscher Arztevereinsbund (1872), Verhandl.; Central Ver. d. Zahnärzte (1859), Mittheil.; D. Veterinärrath (1874); D. Apotheker-Ver. (1820), Archiv (1822, &c.). Berlin, Ver. f. Heilkunde (1832), Magazin (1835, &c.); Ges. f. Geburtshulfe u. Gynaekologie (1876), Ztschr. (1877, &c.); Ges. f. Heilkunde (1855); Berl. Med. Ges. (1860), Verhandl. (1865, &c.); Physiolog. Ges. (1875), Verhandl. (1877, &c.);D. Ver. f. Med. Statistik (1868); Ver. Homöop. Ärzte (1871), Ztschr. (1882, &c.); D. Ges. f. Chirurgie (1872), Verhandl. Bonn, Verband der Ärztl. Vereine (1865). Breslau. Ver. f. Physiolog. Heilkunde (1848), Ztschr. (1850, &c.); Verband d. Schles. Arzte-Ver. (1878). Cologne, Rhein. Med.-Chirurg. Ver. (1848), Organ (1852, &c.). Darmstadt, Ärztl. Kreisver. (1844). Dresden, Ges. f. Natur- u. Heil-Kunde (1818), Jahresber. (1848, &c.). Erlangen, Physik.-Med. Soc. (1808), Sitzungsber. (1870, &c.). Frankfort, Ärztl. Ver. (1845), Jahresber. (1857, &c.). Hamburg, Ärztl. Ver. (1816); Deutsche Ges. fur Gesch. der Medizin (1901), Mitteil. Hanover, Ver. Analyt. Chemiker (1878). Heidelberg, Ophthal. Ges. (1857). Jena, Med.-naturwissenschaftliche Ges. (1854), Zeitschr. (1874, &c.). Königsberg, Ver. f. wiss. Heilkunde (1851). Leipzig, Med. Ges. (1829); Ges. f. Geburtshülfe (1854), Mittheil.; Homöop. Central-Ver. (1829); Magdeburg, D. Chirurgen-Ver. (1844), Ztschr. (1847, &c.). Munich, Ärztl. Ver. (1833), Int.-Blatt (1854, &c.). Strasburg, Soc. de Méd. (1842), Mém. (1850, &c.); Soc. Vétérin. (1864); Medizinisch.-Naturwissenschaftlicher Ver. (1873). Stuttgart, Württemb. Ärztl. Ver. (1831), Corr.-Blatt (1832, &c.); Hahnemannia (1868), Mittheil. (1873, &c.); Apotheker-Ver. (1822), Pharm. Wochenblatt (1861, &c.). Vienna, K. k. Ges. der Ärzte, Ztschr. (1844, &c.); Ges. für innere Medizin u. Kinderheilkunde, Med. Wochenschrift. Weimar, Med.-naturwiss. Ver. (1863). Würzburg, Physikal.-med. Ges. (1849), Verhandl. (1850, &c.). Switzerland: Geneva, Soc. Méd. Zürich, Soc. de Méd.; Schweiz. Apotheker-Ver. Italy: Bologna, Soc. Med.-chirurg. Genoa, Accad. Med.-chirurg. Milan, Soc. Ital. d' Igiena. Modena, Soc. Med.-chirurg. Naples, Real Accad. Med.-chirurg. Palermo, R. Accad. delle Sc. Med. (1649), Atti (1889, &c.). Rome, R. Istit. Fisico-patologico. Turin, Accad. Real Med.-chirurg. Belgium: Antwerp, Soc. de Méd. (1839), Annales. Brussels, Acad. Roy. de Méd. (1841), Bull. (1841, &c.) and Mém. (1843, &c.); Soc. Roy. de Pharm. (1845), Bull.; Soc. d'Anat. Patholog. (1846), Annales; Soc. Belge de Méd. Homoeop.; Soc. Roy. des Sc. Méd. et Nat. (1822), Journal (1842, &c.), Annales (1892, &c.), Bulletin (1843, &c.); Inst. Solvay de Physiol. (1894), with electro-physiological, chemical, embryological and other laboratories, and lecture hall. Ghent, Soc. de Méd. (1834), Annales. Liége, Soc. Méd.-chirurg. Holland: Amsterdam, Genootschap ter Bevordering der Genees- en Heel-Kunde, Verhandel. (1841, &c.); Nederl. Maatschappij ter Bevord. der Pharmacie. Batavia (Java), Geneeskundige Vereeniging. Denmark: Copenhagen, K. Med. Selskab; Veterinaer Selskab, Norway: Christiania, Med. Selskab, Magazin (1840, &c.). Sweden: Stockholm, Farmaceutiska Inst.; Svenska Läkaresällskapet (1808), Handl. (1813, &c.). Upsala, Läkareförenig, Förhandl. (1865, &c.). Spain: Madrid, R. Acad. Med. (1732). Portugal: Lisbon, Soc. de Sc. Med. (1835), Jornal (1835, &c.); Soc. Pharm. Lusitana. Russia: Dorpat, Pharm. Soc. Helsingfors, Finska Läkaresällskapet (1835), Handl. (1841). Moscow, Phys.-med. Soc. Riga, Soc. of Practical Physicians. St Petersburg, Soc. of Practical Physicians; Imp. Pharm. Soc. Vilna, Imp. Med. Soc. (1805), Protokoly. Warsaw, Med.-Chirurg. Soc. Tomsk (Siberia), Soc. of Naturalists and Physicians (1889), Protocol. Rumania: Jassy, Soc. of Naturalists and Physicians (1830) , Buletinul. Greece: Athens, Soc. Méd. Turkey: Constantinople, Soc. Imp. de Méd.; Soc. de Pharm. Central and South America: Buenos Aires, Asoc. Med. Caracas, Escuela Med. Guadalajara (Mexico), Soc. Med. Merida (Mexico), Soc. Med. Mexico, Acad. de Med.; Soc. Med. Monte Video, Soc. de Med. Rio de Janeiro, Institute Oswaldo Cruz, formerly Instituto de Manguinhos (for the promotion of experimental pathology); Soc. Med. e Cirurgia. Santiago, Soc. Med. Japan: Tokyo, Soc. for Adv. of Med. Sc., Trans. (1885,

XIV. Engineering and Architecture
The principal English society dealing with mechanical science is

the Institution of Civil Engineers (established in 1818, incorporated in 1828), which publishes Transactions (4to, 1836-1842) and Minutes of Proceedings (8vo, 1837, &c.). George Stephenson was the first president of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, which was founded at Birmingham in 1847, removed to London in 1877, and registered under the Companies Act in 1878. It holds migratory meetings and publishes Proceedings. The Society of Engineers (1854), with Transactions (1861, &c.); the Civil and Mechanical Engineers’ Society (1859); the Iron and Steel Institute (1869, incorp. 1899), with Journal and Mem.; the Surveyors' Institution (1868, incorporated in 1881), which publishes Transactions and holds professional examinations; the Aeronautical Society of Great Britain (1866), the Institution of Electrical Engineers (1871, incorp. 1883), Journal; the Institution of Mining Engineers has associated with it many branch institutions in the provinces, Journal; the Institute of Gas Engineers (1863); the Illuminating Engineers' Soc. (1909); the Institute of Metals; and the Instn. of Mining and Metallurgy, meet in London. There are institutions in the provinces at Bradford, Bristol, Cardiff (1857, incorp. in 1881), Chesterfield (1871), Dublin (1835, incorp. in 1857), Glasgow (1857, with Transactions), Liverpool (1875), Middlesbrough (1864), Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1852, incorp. in 1876, with Transactions), Nottingham (1871), Dudley (1866), and Belfast (1892).

The leading architectural society is the Royal Institute of British Architects, founded in 1834, incorporated in 1837, and granted new charters in 1887 and 1908. It appoints examining professional boards and publishes Transactions (1836; 1879, &c.) and Proceedings (1879, &c.). There are also the Associations of Birmingham (1873), Edinburgh (1850), Exeter (1843), Glasgow (1868), Leeds (1876), Leicestershire (1855), Liverpool (1848), Manchester (1875),

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and the societies of Manchester (1865) and Oxford (1837).