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Transactions and Papers (1874, &c.), and the Manx Society (1858), at

Douglas, may also be mentioned. In Glasgow are the Ballad Club (1876), and the Scottish Soc. of Lit. and Art (1886), and in Dublin the Nat. Lit. Soc. of Ireland (1892).

The oldest and most important society in England dealing with history and archaeology is the Society of Antiquaries of London, which enthusiasts trace to an association founded by Archbishop Parker in 1572. The meetings were not publicly recommenced until 1707; the present body was incorporated in 1751; it publishes Vetera Monumenta (fol., 1747, &c.), Archaeologia (4to, 1770, &c.), and Proceedings (8vo, 1849, &c.). The Royal Archaeological Institute (1843), issuing the Archaeological Journal (1845, &c.); the British Archaeological Association (1843), with Journal (1846, &c.); the Royal Numismatic Society (1836), issuing the Numismatic Chronicle (1838, &c.); and the Royal Historical Society (1868), publishing Transactions, and the works of the Camden Society (1838), belong to London, as well as the following societies, all of which issue publications: Bibliographical (1892), British School at Athens, British School at Rome, British Record (1888, incorp. 1893, incl. Index Soc. 1878). Canterbury and York Catholic Record (1904), Egypt Expl. Fund (1883), Genealog. and Biogr., Cymmrodorion (1751-1773, revived in 1820), Dilettanti (1734), Folk Lore (1879), Harleian (1869), Huguenot (1885), London and Middlesex Archaeol. (1855), London Topogr. Soc., Middlesex County Records (1884), Palaeographical, Palestine Expl. Fund, Parish Registers, Pipe Roll (1883), Soc. Bibl. Archaeol. (1870), Soc. for Prot. Anc. Buildings (1877). Outside London are the Roy. Soc. of Antiquaries of Ireland founded in 1849 as the Kilkenny Arch. Soc., changed to Roy. Hist. and Arch. Assn. in 1869 and to present title in 1890; the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (1780), at Edinburgh, and the Irish Archaeological and Celtic Society, at Dublin. Among others are—Aberdeen, New Spalding Club (1886); Bedfordshire Archaeological and Architect. Soc. (1844); Bristol, Bristol and Gloucester Arch. Soc. (1876); Cambrian Arch. Assoc. (1846); Cambridge Antiq. Soc. (1840); Carlisle, Cumb. and Westm. Antiq. and Arch. Soc. (1866); Devizes, Wiltshire Arch. and Nat. H. Soc. (1853); Durham, Surtees Soc. (1834); Colchester, Essex Arch. Soc. (1852); Edinburgh, Bibliogr. Soc. (1890), Scottish Hist. (1886); Exeter, Diocesan Arch. Soc. (I841); Glasgow Arch. Soc. (1856); Kent Arch. Soc. (1857); Lane and Cheshire Antiq. Soc. (1883). Leeds Thoresby Soc. (1889); Manchester, Chetham Soc. (1843); Newcastle-on-Tyne Soc. of Antiq. (1813); Norwich, Norfolk and Norwich Arch. Soc. (1846); Oxford, Architect. and Hist. Soc. (1839), and Hist. Soc. (1884); Purbeck Soc.; Reading, Berkshire Arch. and Architectural Soc. (1871); Surrey Arch. Soc.; Sussex Arch. Soc. (1846); Welshpool, Powys Land Club (1867); and Yorkshire Arch. Soc. (1863).

Canada: Halifax, Nova Scotia Hist. Soc. (1878), Coll. Montreal, Soc. Hist., Mém. (1859, &c.); Numism. and Antiq. Soc. (1872), Journ. (1872, &c.). Quebec, Lit. and Hist. Soc. (1824), Trans. (1837, &c.). Toronto, Ontario Hist. Soc. (1888, 1898), Rep.; Lit. and Hist. Soc. China: Hong-Kong, Roy. Asiatic Soc. Shanghai, Roy. Asiatic Soc., Journ. (1858, &c.). India: Bombay, Roy. Asiatic Soc. (Branch) (1804), Journal (1844, &c.). Calcutta, Asiatic Society of Bengal, Journ. (1832, &c.) and Proc. (1865, &c.); Indian Research Soc. (1907), Trans. Colombo, Roy. Asiatic Soc., Journ. (1844, &c.). Madras, Lit. Soc. (1818), Journal (1827, &c.). Singapore, Roy.

Asiatic Soc.
United States: The central antiquarian body in the United

States is established at Washington—the Archaeological Institute of Amer. (1879), which publishes Amer. Journ. Arch. (1897, &c.), and has affiliated with it 28 societies, including the Boston Society (1879), Cincinnati Soc. (1905), Iowa Soc. (1902), Wisconsin Soc. (1889), New York Soc. (1884), San Francisco (1906), North West Soc. (Seattle) (1906). Albany, Institute and Hist. and Art Soc., Trans. (1792-1819, 1830-1893), Proc. (1865-1882). Baltimore, Maryland Hist. Soc. (1844). Boston, Mass. Hist. Soc. (1791), Collections (1792, &c.) and Proc. (1859, &c.); New Engl. Hist.-Gen. Soc. (1845), Genealog. Register (1847); Amer. Oriental Soc. (1843), Journ. (1849, &c.); Amer. Library Assoc. (1876), Liby. Journal; Soc. Bibl. Lit. and Exegesis (1880), Journal (1882, &c.); Bostonian Soc. (1881), Proc. (1882, &c.). Brookline Hist. Soc. (1891). Buffalo, Hist. Soc. (1862). Cambridge, Hist. Soc. (1905), Proc. (1906, &c.); Dante Soc. (1881). Chicago, Hist. Soc. (1856). Cincinnati, Hist. and Phil. Soc. of Ohio (1831), Publns. (1906). Concord, Hist. Soc. Coll. (1824, &c.). Frankfort, Kentucky State Hist. Soc. (1836), Reg. Hartford, Amer. Philolog. Soc. (1869); Hist. Soc. (1825), Coll. (1860, &c.). Lincoln, Nebraska State Hist. Soc. (1867), Trans. (1885-1893), Proc. (1894, &c.). Madison, Hist. Soc., Coll. (1849, &c.). Minneapolis, Hist. Soc, Coll. (1869, &c.). Montpelier, Hist. Soc. of Vermont, Coll. (1869, &c.). New Haven, Amer. Orient. Soc. (1842), Journal (1849, &c.). New Orleans, Louisiana Hist. Soc. (1867), Publns. (1895, &c.). New York, Hist. Soc. (1804), Publns. (1868, &c.); Geneal. and Biogr. Soc. (1869), Record (1870); Bibliogr. Soc. (1904), Proc. (1906, &c.), Bull. (1907, &c.); Amer. Numis. Soc., Proc. (1882). Philadelphia, Hist. Soc. (1824), Mem. (1826, &c.); Numism. and Arch. Soc. (1858), Proc. (1867, &c.); Shakspere Soc. (1852). Portland, Maine Hist. Soc., Coll. (1831, &c.). Providence, Hist. Soc. (1822), Coll. (1827, &c.). Richmond, Virg. Hist. and Phil. (1831), Publ. (1874, &c.). St Louis, Missouri Hist. Soc. (1866), St Paul, Minnesota Hist. Soc. (1849), Coll. Savannah, Georgia Hist. Soc. (1839), Proc. Topeka, Hist. Soc. (1875), Trans. (1881, &c.). Washington, Arch. Soc. (1902); Columbia Hist. Soc. (1894), Rec.; Amer. Hist. Assn. (1884), Amer. Hist. Rev. (1895, &c.). Worcester, Amer. Antiq. Soc. (1812), Proc. and Arch.

Amer. (1820, &c.).
France: The Congrès Archéologique de la France first met in

1834. Algiers, Soc. Hist. (1856), Revue (1856, &c.). Amiens, Soc. des Antiq. (1836), Mém. (1838, &c.) and Bull. Angoulême, Soc. Arch. et Hist. (1844), Bull. Bordeaux, Soc. Archéol. (1873); Soc. des Arch. Hist. (1858), Archives Hist. (1858, &c.). Bourges, Soc. Hist. et Litt. (1849), Bull. et Mém. (1852, &c.). Caen, Soc. des Antiq. de Normandie (1823), Mém. (1824, &c.) and Bull. (1860, &c.); Soc. Fran. d'Arch. (1834), Comptes rend. (1834, &c.) and Bull. Mens. (1835, &c.). Chalon-sur-Saône, Soc. d'Hist. et d'Arch. (1844), Mém. (1844, &c.). Chambery, Soc. Savoisienne d'Hist. et d'Arch. (1855), Mém. (1856, &c.). Constantine, Soc. Arch. (1852), Recueil. Dijon, Comm. des Antiquités (1831), Mém. (1882, &c.). Lille, Comm. hist. du Nord (1839), Bull. (1843. &c.). Limoges, Soc. Hist. et Arch. (1845), Bull.; Soc. des Archives hist. (1886), Archives (1887, &c.). Lyons, Soc. Hist., Litt. et Arch. (1807), Mém. (1860, &c.). Montpellier, Soc. Arch. (1833), Mém. (1835, &c.). Nancy, Soc. d'Arch. de Lorraine (1845), Mém. (1850, &c.) and Journ. (1852, &c.). Nantes, Soc. Arch. (1845), Bull. (1859, &c.). Orleans, Soc. Arch. et Hist. (1848), Mém. (1851, &c.) and Bull. Paris, Soc. Nat. des Antiq. de Fr. (1813) (based on the Académie Celtique, 1804), Mém. (1805, &c.) and Bull. (1817, &c.); Soc. de l'Hist. de France (1833), Annuaire (1837) and nearly 400 vols, besides; Soc. de l'École Nat. des Charles (1839), Documents (1873, &c.); Soc. Asiatique (1822), Journal Asiat. (1822, &c.), &c.; Soc. d'Arch. et de Numism. (1865); Soc. de l'Hist. du Prot. Fran. (1866); Soc. de Linguistique; Soc. Bibliogr. (1868), Polybiblion.; Soc. Philol. (1867), Actes (1869, &c.); Soc. des Études Hist. (1833), Revue (1834, &c.); Soc. d'Hist. Moderne (1901), Bull.; Soc. d'Hist. Contemp. (1890); Soc. de l'Hist. de la Révolution Fran. (1888); Soc. d'Hist. Diplomatique (1886); Soc. des Bibliophiles Fran. (1820); Soc. des Anciens Textes Fran. (1875), Bull. Poitiers, Soc. des Antiq. (1834), Mém. Rouen, Soc. de l'Hist. de Norm. (1869), Bull. (1870, &c.) and 75 vols, besides; Comm. des Antiquites (1818), Bull. (1867, &c.). Saint-Omer, Soc. des Antiq. (1831), Mém. (1833, &c.), Toulouse, Soc. Arch. (1831), Mém. (1831-1868), Bull. (1869, &c.); Acad. des Jeux floraux (1323, reorganized 1773), Rec. (1696, &c.). Tours, Soc. Arch. (1840), Mém. (1842, &c.). Germany and Austria-Hungary: Gesam. Ver. d. D. Gesch. u. Alt. Vereine (1852). Agram, Ges. f. Süd-Slav. Alterth. Aix-la-Chapelle, Geschichtsver. (1879), Ztschr. (1879, &c.). Altenburg, Gesch. u. Alterthums Ges. (1838), Mittheil. (1841, &c.). Augsburg, Hist. Ver. (1820, reorganized in 1834), Jahresber. (1835, &c.). Baden, Alterthums-Ver. (1844), Schriften. Bamberg, Hist. Ver. (1830), Ber. (1834, &c.). Berlin, Ver. f. Gesch. d. Mark Brandenb. (1836), Forschungen (1841, &c.); Ver. f. d. Gesch. Berlins (1865), Schriften; Hist. Ges. (1871), Mittheil. (1873, &c.); Archäolog. Ges. (1842), Sitzungsber., Archäol. Zeitung; Numism. Ges. (1843), Jahresber. (1845, &c.), Herold (1869); Phil. Ges. (1843), Der Gedanke (1861, &c.); Ges. f. D. Philologie (1877), Jahresber. (1879, &c.); D. Bibliogr. Ges. (1902), Ztschr. (1903, &c.); Ver. D. Bibliothekare (1900), Jahrbuch (1902); D. Orient-Ges. (1898), Mitteil. Bonn, Ver. f. Alterth. (1841), Jahresber.; Soc. Philologa (1854). Brandenburg, Hist. Ver. (1868), Jahresber. (1870, &c.). Braunsberg, Hist. Ver. (1856). Breslau, Ver. f. Gesch. u. Alt. Schl. (1846), Ztschr. (1856, &c.), Scriptores rerum Silesicarum (1847, &c.); Breslauer Dichterschule (1860). Budapest, Hungarian Hist. Soc. (1867), Századok. Cassel, Ver. f. Hess. Gesch. (1834), Ztschr. (1837, &c.). Cologne, Hist. Ver. (1854), Annalen (1855, &c.); Ges. für rheinische Geschichtskunde (1881). Cracow, Hist. Soc. Danzig, Westpreuss. Geschichtsver. (1879), Ztschr., Mitteil., Akten. Darmstadt, Hist. Ver. (1834), Archiv (1835, &c.). Dresden, K. Sächs. Alt. Ver. (1825), Jahresber. (1835, &c.) and Mittheil. (1835, &c.). Frankfort, Ges. f. Deutschlands ält. Geschichtskunde (1819; since 1875 under guidance of Central-Dir. d. Mon. Germ.), Mon. Germ. (1826, &c.); Ges. f. Gesch. u. Kunst (1837), Mittheil. (1858, &c.); Freies D. Hochstift in Goethe's Vaterhaus (1859); Ver. für Gesch. u. Alt. (1857), Archiv. Halle, Thür.-Sächs. Ver. (1819), Mittheil. (1822, &c.); D. Morgenl. Ges. (1844), Ztschr. (1847, &c.) and Abhandl. (1859, &c.). Hanover, Hist. Ver. (1835), Ztschr. Kiel, Ges. f. Gesch. Schl.-Holst. (1833, reorganized in 1873), Archiv (1833, &c.) and Ztschr. (1870, &c.). Königsberg, Altertumsges. Prussia (1844), Sitzungsber. Leipzig, D. Ges. z. Erforschung vaterl. Spr. u. Alterth. (1697, reorganized in 1824), Jahresber. (1825, &c.) and Mittheil. (1845, &c.); Fürstlich Jablonowski's Ges. (1768), Acta (1772, &c.); Börsenver. d. D. Buchhändler (1825), Börsenblatt (1834, &c.); Hist. Theolog. Ges. (1814) Lübeck, Hansischer Ges. Ver. (1870). Munich, Hist. Ver. (1837), Archiv (1839, &c.); Alterthums- Ver. (1864). Nuremberg, Pegnesischer Blumenorden (1644), had united with it in 1874 the Lit. Ver. (1839), Prague, Ver. f. Gesch. Ratisbon, Hist. Ver. (1830), Verhandl. (1832, &c.). Rostock, Ver. für. Alt. (1883), Beiträge (1890, &c.). Schwerin, Ver. f. Meckl. Gesch. u. Alterthumsk. (1835), Jahrbuch (1835, &c.) and other publications. Strassburg, Soc. pour la conservation des Monuments Historiques d'Alsace (1855), Bull'. (1855, also since 1889 with German title Mitteilungen). Stuttgart, Lit. Ver. (1839), Bibliothek (1843, &c.); Württemb. Alterth. Ver. (1843). Jahreshefte (1844) and many records, handbooks, &c. Tübingen, Lit. Ver. (1839), Bibliothek (1842, &c.). Vienna, K. k. Orient. Akad.; K. k. Heraldische Ges. “Adler” (1870), Jahrbücher (1874, &c.); Ver. für Österr. Volkskunde

(1894), Ztschr. Weimar, D. Shakespeare Ges. (1864, Jahrbuch