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Chap. XIV.—The morals of the persecutors, 339
Chap. XV.—The events that happened to the heathen, 342
Chap. XVI.—The change of affairs for the better, 343
Chap. XVII.—The revocation of the emperors, 344

Pages 349—378.

Chapter I.—Procopius, Alpheus, and Zaccheus, 349
Chap. II.—The martyr Romanus, 350
Chap. III.—Timotheus, Agapius, Thecla, and eight others, 352
Chap. IV.—Apphianus, 353
Chap. V.—The martyrs Ulpian and Ædesius, 357
Chap. VI.—The martyr Agapius, 358
Chap. VII.—The martyrs Theodosia, Domninus, and Auxentius, 359
Chap. VIII.—Other confessors; also Valentina and Paulus, 361
Chap. IX.—The renewal of the persecution with greater violence. Antoninus, Zebina, Germanus, and others, 364
Chap. X.—Petrus Ascetes, Asclepius the Marcionite, and other martyrs, 367
Chap. XI.—Of the martyrdom of Pamphilus and others, 368
Chap. XII.—The prelates of the church, 374
Chap. XIII.—Silvanus and John, and thirty other martyrs, 375

BOOK IX.—Pages 379—402.

Chapter I.—The pretended relaxation, 379
Chap. II.—The subsequent reverse, 382
Chap. III.—The new statue erected at Antioch, ib.
Chap. IV.—The decrees against us, 383
Chap. V.—The false acts, 384
Chap. VI.—Those who suffered martyrdom at this time, ib.
Chap. VII.—The measures decreed against us, and engraved on pillars, 385
Copy of the translated epistle of Maximinus, in answer to the ordinances (of the cities) against us, taken

from the brazen tablet at Tyre,

Chap. VIII.—The events that occurred after these; famine, pestilence, and war, 389
Chap. IX.—The death of the tyrants, and their expressions before their end, 391
Copy of the translated epistle of the tyrant Maximinus, 394
Chap. X.—The oratory of the pious emperors, 397
Copy of the tyrant's ordinance, in regard to the Christians, translated from the Latin into the Greek, 398
Chap. XI.—The total destruction of the enemies of religion, 401

BOOK X.—Pages 403—439.

Chapter I.—The peace which was granted us by divine interposition, 403
Chap. II.—The restoration of the churches, 404
Chap. III.—The dedications of the churches in all places, 405
Chap. IV.—Panegyric on the splendour of our affairs, 406
Panegyric on the building of the churches, addressed to Paulinus, bishop of Tyre, ib.
Chap. V.—Copies of the imperial decrees, 426
Chap. VI.—Of the property belonging to the Christians, 431
Chap. VII.—The privileges and immunities of the clergy, 433
Chap. VIII.—The wickedness which Licinius afterwards exhibited, and his death, 433
Chap. IX.—The victory of Constantine, and the blessings which under him accrued to the whole Roman world, 437