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Wiki markup cheatsheet

These examples cover the formatting needed most often when editing Wikipedia articles with wiki markup. For more help, see | shortcut H:MARKUP .

Description What you type What you get
Italic ''italic text'' italic text
Bold '''bold text''' bold text
Section headers ==Heading text==

Heading text

===Heading text===

Heading text

====Heading text====

Heading text

Link to another Wikipedia page (Internal link) [[Denis Diderot]] Denis Diderot
Internal link with different text [[Denis Diderot|Diderot]] Diderot
Link to another website [ Library of Congress website] Library of Congress website
Bulleted list * Wikipedia

* Encyclopédie

  • Wikipedia
  • Encyclopédie
Numbered list # A - Azymites

# B - Cézimbra

  1. A - Azymites
  2. B - Cézimbra
Image with caption [[File:Example.jpg|thumb|Caption text]]
Caption text
Signature and timestamp (for Talk pages) ˜˜˜˜ Username (talk) 19:50, 11 December 2013 (UTC)
To make a citation What you type What you get
Insert a citation Page text. <ref>[], more text.</ref> Page text.[1]
Display citation footnotes <references />
  1., more text.