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O:L4YOL4YO08C04.xtnl 18 1 SEC. 105. REPORTS. 2 (a) IN GENEt?AL.--Before the expiration of' the 60- 3 day period beginning on the date of the first exercise of 4 the authority granted in section 101(a), or of the first ex- 5 ercise of the authority g?'anted in section 102, whichever 6 occurs first, and eve?7? 30-day period thereafter, the See- 7 reta?7? shall report to the appropriate committees of' Con- 8 g?'ess, with respect to each such period- 9 (1) an ove?wiew of' actions taken by the See- 10 reta?y, including the considerations required by see- 11 tion 103 and the efforts under section 109; 12 (2) the actual obligation and expenditure of' the 13 fhnds provided for administrative expenses by sec- 14 tion 118 during such period and the expected ex- 15 penditure of' such fhnds in the subsequent period; 16 and 17 (3) a detailed financial statement with respect 18 to the exercise of' authority under this Act, includ- 19 ing 20 (A) all ag?'eements made or renewed; 21 (B) all insurance contracts entered into 22 pursuant to section 102; 23 (C) all transactions occurring during such 24 period, including the types of' parties involved; 25 (D) the nature of' the assets purchased; 26 (E) all projected costs and liabilities;