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Richmond Theatre, December 26, 1811. She was a celebrated beauty, engaged to Lieutenant Gibbon who perished with her. Her portrait in profile was taken by St. Memin in 1808.

Winston, Edmund, son of William Winston, and grandson of Isaac Winston and Mary Dabney, his wife. The father, with Isaac and James Winston, emigrated from Yorkshire, England, in 1704 and settled near Richmond, Virginia. Edmund Winston was a first cousin of Patrick Henry, whose widow he married. He was a judge of the general court of Virginia, and a member of the convention of 1788. He died in 1813, at upwards of eighty years of age.

Patteson, Charles, of the same lineage as David Patteson, of Chesterfield county, Virginia, (q. v.), was a member of the Buckingham county committee of safety in 1775-76, the convention of 1776, the house of delegates of 1787-88, and of the convention of the latter year.

Patteson, David, was a descendant of David Patteson, who received a grant of land in Henrico county (then including Chesterfield county), in 1714. He was colonel commandant of Chesterfield county in 1785, a member of the convention of 1788, and of the house of delegates from 1791 to 1793.

Allen, John, son of Col. William Allen of "Clermont," and a descendant of Major Arthur Allen, who patented lands in Surry county in 1649. He was educated at William and Mary College, where he was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society: a member of the house of delegates in 1784-86-88-91; of the council in 1789; and of the convention of 1788. He died before May, 1793. He was half brother of William Allen of "Claremont," Surry county, (born March 7, 1768, died November 2, 1831), who left his large estates to his nephew William Griffin Orgain on his taking the name of William Allen. This the latter did, was the owner of Jamestown Island, and in the war between the states armed and fed a company of troops in the Confederate service at his own expense.

Stith, Buckner, of Brunswick county, Virginia, son of Colonel Drury Stith: qualified as a justice of his county, September 2, 1784; took the oath as major of militia September 28, 1789; and as lieutenant-colonel, September 26, 1794. He married Anne Dade, sister of Major Langhorne Dade, of Litchfield. King George county.

Goodall, Parke, son of Richard Goodall, of Caroline county, a British subject whose estate was vested in the son by statute. He was an ensign in the company of Captain Samuel Meredith, of Hanover county, which marched under Patrick Henry (to whom the command was assigned) to Williamsburg in 1775, to demand restitution of the powder removed from the magazine by Lord Dunmore. He was a justice of the peace for Hanover county in 1782; member of the house of delegates 1786-89; member of the convention of 1788; and sheriflF in 1809. He was afterwards proprietor of the Indian Queen tavern in Richmond. His daughters, Martha Perkins and Eliza, married respectively Parke and Anthony Street, brothers. A son, Col. Charles Parke Goodall, (married Elizabeth, daughter of Isaac Winston, and died at "Mayfield," Hanover county, Octo--