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Ellis, Sir Henry, his Museum catalogue, 85

Ewart, William, M.P., founder of free public libraries in Great Britain and Ireland, 36

Fire, protection of libraries against, 258-261 Fortescue, G. W., Keeper of Printed Books, his subject indexes to British Museum catalogue, 10 Foscolo, Ugo, 289

Gallus, Udalricus, early Italian printer, 203

Garcia da Horta, author of the second book printed by Europeans in India, 118

Grand, G. F., author of the first book printed in South Africa, 125 Grenville, Right Hon. Thomas, 292,

Heidelberg Library, pillaged and partly restored, 187, 188

Hervey, Lord, and Conyers Middleton, 191-193

Home, Rev. T. H., his project for a classed catalogue, 89

Howe, William, bushranger, book relating to him the first printed in Australasia, 125

Jenner, Henry, assistant in the Library of the British Museum, his share in the introduction of the sliding-press, 267; rewarded by the Treasury, 268

Johnstone, Mr., procures Mr. Winter Jones an appointment in the British Museum, 313

Jones, Giles, author of "Goody Two Shoes," 305

Jones, John Winter, Principal Librarian of British Museum, memoir of, 304-324

Labbe, Father, his travels in La Plata, 130

Leao, Caspar de, Archbishop of Goa, author of the first book printed by Europeans in India, 117, 118

Lignamine, Joannes Philippus de, early Italian printer, 153

Macedo, Antonio, his Theses rhetoricæ, 123

Mayhew, Henry M., assistant in library of the British Museum, his invention of the pivot-press, 272

Mazarin, Cardinal, formation of his first library, 166

Medina, Senor Jose T., on first European printing in China, 120; on South American bibliography, 128- 140, passim

Middleton, Conyers, delay in publication of his "Life of Cicero," 190-195

Murray, Dr., his great English Dictionary, 20

Naudé, Gabriel, collects books for Cardinal Mazarin, 166-168

Newton, Sir Charles, K. C. B., favours printing Museum catalogue, 94

Nicholson, E. W. B., Bodley's Librarian, founder of the Library Association of the United Kingdom, 3, 37

Nicius, Erythrasus, 162-173, passim

Oddi, Muzio, his ingenuity, 171

Panizzi, Sir Anthony, K. C. B., Principal Librarian of the British Museum, his services to the British Museum, 35, 36; undertakes printing of Museum catalogue, 69, 90-92; memoir of 288-303 Paper, fine, manufacture of, in England, 191-196

Peranda, Cardinal, 171

Photography, advantages of its introduction as an official department of the British Museum, 16, 17; 85,86; 234-252

Podianus, Prosper, a mighty book-hunter, 168-170