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Pollard, Alfred William, on the title-page, 198

Poole's Index to Periodicals, 9

Ribeiro dos Sanctos, Portuguese bibliographer, 118

Roscoe, William, 290

Ruiz de Montoya, Antonio, author of books printed in Paraguay, 133

Rye, William Brenchley, Keeper of Printed Books, his services to the classification of the Museum Library, 211

Rylands, Mrs., her public spirit, 25

Sande, Eduardus de, author of the second book printed by Europeans in China, 120

Sainsbury, William Noel, his calendar of the papers of the East India Company, 119

Satow, Sir Ernest Mason, K.C.B., on printing in Japan, 121, 122

Scientific Papers, subject indexes to, 225-233

Serrano, Father Jose, his translation of Father Nieremberg into Guarani, the first book printed in Paraguay, 131, 132

Sliding-Press, the, at the British Museum, 262-271

Sparrow, Mr., locksmith at the British Museum, 267, 271

Spira, the brothers, early printers at Venice, 149, 203, 205

Stevens, Henry, of Vermont, his paper on Photo-Bibliography, 16, 239; memoir of, 325-334

Sweynheym and Pannartz, early printers at Rome, 143, 148, 149, 150, 151, 152

Telautographic writing telegraph, 256

Telegraph, writing, advantage of introduction of, into Reading Room of British Museum, 254, 257

Thompson, Sir E. M., K.C.B., on use of blotting paper in the Middle Ages.

Universal Catalogue projected by Sir Henry Cole, 83, 84, 109-114

Venetian book-trade, 153, 156

Vera, Juan de, first printer in the Philippines, 122

Virgo, Mr., his ingenuity, 266, 279

Watts, Thomas, Keeper of Printed Books, British Museum, advocated printing the catalogue in 1855, 15; founder of the system of classification followed at the British Museum, 211

Whitelock, General, prints proclamations in Monte Video, 137

Wolfenbuttel Library, 189

Yapuguai, Nicolas, author of books printed in Paraguay, 133

Zaehnsdorf, Mr., bookbinder, his device for the protection of books against fire, 259-261


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