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Experimental Researches


Chemistry and Physics.


Michael Faraday, D.C.L., F.R.S.,

Fullerian Professor of Chemistry in the Royal Institution of Great Britain.

Hon. Mem. R.S.Ed., Camb. Phil., and Med. Chirurg. Socc., F.G.S., Ord. Borussi "Pour le Mérite" Eq., Commander of the Legion of Honour, Instit. Imp. (Acad. Sc.) Paris. Socius, Acadd. Imp. Sc. Vindob. Et Petrop., Reg. Sc. Berol., Taurin., Holm., Monac., Neapol., Amstelod., Bruxell., Bonon., Ital. Mut., Socc. Reg. Gotting., Et Hafn., Upsal., Harlem. Acad. Amer. Bost., Et Soc. Amer. Philad. Socius, Acad. Panorm., Socc. Georg. Florent., Et Philom. Paris., Instit. Washington., Et Acad. Imp. Med. Paris. Corresp., etc.

Reprinted from the Philosophical Transactions of 1821—1857; The Journal of the Royal Institution; The Philosophical Magazine, and other publications.


Richard Taylor and William Francis,

Printers and Publishers to the University of London,

Red Lion Court, Fleet Street.