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This page needs to be proofread.

4 YEARS OF DISCIPLINE. [1821-1844.

" In Pope s house, South End of Boston (a ten-footer) five or six months, moved from Chelmsford through Concord, and may have tarried in Concord a little while.

"Day-book says, Moved to Pinkney Street (Boston), September 10, 1821, on Monday ; Whitwell s house, Pinkney Street, to March, 1823 ; then brick house, Concord, to spring of 1826 ; Davis house (next to Samuel Hoar s) to May 7, 1827 ; Shattuck house (now W. Mun- roe s) to spring of 1835 ; Hollis Hall, Cam bridge, 1833 ; Aunts house to spring of 1837. [This was what is now the inn called Thoreau House. ] At Brownson s (Canton) while teach ing in winter of 1835. Went to New York with Father peddling in 1836."

This brings the date down to the year in which Henry Thoreau left college, and when the family letters begin. The notes continue, and now begin to have a literary value.

" Parkman house to fall of 1844 ; was gradu ated in 1837 ; kept town school a fortnight that year ; began the big red Journal, October, 1837 ; found my first arrow-head, fall of 1837 ; wrote a lecture (my first) on Society, March 14, 1838, and read it before the Lyceum, in the Masons Hall, April 11, 1838 ; went to Maine for a school in May, 1838 ; commenced school in the Park-