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1236 HowEL was elected, but it does not appear on what

20 H. III. day he was consecrated.

1237 Richard, archdeacon of Bangor^ received the royal

21 H. III. assent to his election 3rd July 1 237 '-^^. He is generally

supposed to have succeeded in 1 240 and to have been consecrated in 1250, but those dates are incorrect, as shewn by the date of the royal assent ; moreover, in a letter to the Pope he asserts, " se episcopatum Bangorense plusquam triginta annos rexisse ;" and as his successor Anian was consecrated in 1267, it is impossible that he could have succeeded later than 1237. The license to elect a bishop in the room of Richard is dated 8th Nov. 1267'-^^ and 1267 Anian, arcMeacon of Anglesey, was elected, and received

52 H. III. the royal assent to his election 12th Dec. 1267-^, on which day the temporalities were restored to him-": he also made his profession of obedience to Boniface archbishop of Canterbury in that month ^7. The time of his death is uncertain, but he was alive 26th May 1305^^. Caducan (possibly archdeacon of Bangor in 1291) is made to succeed Anian, by Godwin in 1306 and by Le INeve in 1303, but there is no evidence extant to prove that a bishop of that name presided over the see of Bangor at that time. 1307 Griffin ap Yerward was consecrated at Carlisle by

35Edw.I. cardinal Peter De Spano 26th March 1307, because his consecration could not conveniently take place at Canterbury -9. He died on Sunday next before the feast of St. Philip and St. James [27th May] 1309-5^.

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26 Ibid. m. 33. confirmato ut extra ecclesiam

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