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Griffith Leyson held the dignity in 1534 and 1541. John Barlow held the office in 1543. George Constantine occurs about 1549. William Luson or Lewson, admitted 22nd Aug. 1554.

Ob. 1583. Meredith Morgan, collated 5th June 1583. Ob. 4th

Dec. 1612. John Williams, collated nth Feb. 161 213. William Beale or Beeley, collated 3rd Jan. 1614-15. Henry Mellin held this office 28th Jan. 1643-4. William Jones was installed 28th Aug. 1660. Thomas Stainoe, collated 2nd May 1677. Ob. 27th

Feb. 1707-8. Edward Tenison, instituted 9th July, and installed

20th Nov. 1708. Thomas Tenison, collated 30th March 1727. Ob. 7th

May 1742. Rice Williams, collated 14th May 1742, Charles Moss, 27th Jan. 1767. George Holcombe, 19th Jan. 1768. William Probyn, 12th March 1789. William Crawford,, nth Oct. 1793. Died 14th April

1827, aged 78. Benjamin Millingchamp, 19th June 1827. Died

1829. Henry Thomas Payne, T7th June 1829. Died in

1 83 1, aged 74. Edward Owen, 21st April 183 1. Richard Venables, 16th May 1832.


John died possessed of this dignity 3rd April 1137. David Fitz-Gerald occurs in 1147. Cadivor ap Daniel held it in 1162. Maurice held it in 1203.

Meredith ap Rhy^s ap Guiffith held it in 1226. vol. I. s s

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