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��1479 John Morton, LL.D., archdeacon of Huntingdon and i8Edw.iV. Chichester^ master of the rolls, was elected bishop of Ely 8th Aug. 1478% but he did not receive the Pope's bull of provision until 24th Dec. following. The temporalities were restored to him 4tli Jan. 1478-9^^, and he was consecrated at Lambeth 3 1 st Jan. 62 He was translated to Canterbury by papal bull dated prid. non. Oct. (6th Oct.) 1486^3. i486 John Alcock, bishoj) of Worcester, lord chancellor of 2 Hen. VII. England, was translated to Ely by bull of provision dated 6th Oct. 1486^^. He obtained the royal assent and the temporalities 7th Dec. following^; on the 17th of which month he was enthroned*. He died Tst Oct. 1500 at Wisbeach, and was buried in Ely cathedral. 150 T Richard Redmayn, bishop of Exeter, was translated to 17H.VII. Ely in 150T, the temporalities of which were restored to him 26th Sept. in that year^r. He died 24th Aug. 1505*'", and was buried in Ely cathedral. The spi- ritualities of the see were taken into the hands of the

��^ " Septirao autem die mensis Augusti, i. e. die Veneris proxi- me sequenti diem tumulationis episcopi defuncti, nuncius Do- mini Regis statim venit cum li- teris regiis, ut statim procedere- mus ad electionem, et ut eligere- mus magistrum Johannem Mur- ton, Legum Doctorem, cleri- cumque Rotulorum Domini Re- gis Edvvardi IV. qui proximo die, non habita licentia Domini Regis eligendi episcopum, Electus erat a nobis quasi per viam S. Spiri- tus, non habito processu eligen- di, sed potius ad instantiam Re- gis, in Festo Ermenildge, i. e. Octavo die mensis Augusti in die Sabbati, in absentia quorun- dam Fratrum non vocatorum." Monach. Eliens. Contin. Hist.

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68 Cum episcopatus Eliensis, vicesimo quarto die Augusti, an- no regni nostri vicesimo primo, per mortem bonae memoriae Ri- cardi Redmayn nuper episcopi ibidem, nuper vacaverit, ac idem episcopatus ab eodem vicesimo quarto die Augusti usque quin- tum diem Novembris, anno reg- ni nostri vicesimo secundo, per mortem ipsius Ricardi vacasset. Pat. 22 Hen. VII. p. 2. m. 24.

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