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John Spencer, S.T.P., succeeded in Feb. 1671-2, and

19th Sept. 1677 was installed dean, John Moore, S.T.P., was collated 28th June 1679,

and in 169 1 was made bishop of Norwich. Charles Roderick, S.T.P., was collated 12th Aug.,

and installed 27th Aug. 1691, and 8th Oct. 1708 was

installed dean. Robert Cannon, S.T.P., was collated 14th Feb, 1708-9,

and installed 7th March 1708-9. He died 28th March

1722, being also dean of Lincoln. Thomas Jones, loth April 1722. Ob. 18th Dec. 1759. Henry Heaton, 28th Dec. 1759. Ob. 8th July 1777. Peploe Ward, 14th July 1777. Ob. 4th June 1819. Henry Fardell, 14th June 18 19.


Matthew Parker, S.T.P., by the charter of founda- tion 10th Sept. 1541. He became archbishop of Canterbury. v

John Young, S.T.P., a monk of Ramsey, upon the de- privation of Parker, had a grant of this prebend 1 2th April 1554. Deprived for being a Papist by queen Ehzabeth, and died in prison in 1579.

John Porie, S.T.P., was presented by queen Elizabeth Jan. 155960. He resigned this stall in 1564.

Thomas Hill, 22nd April 1564, vice John Porie re- signed.

Robert Beaumont, S.T.P., was collated 15th Nov. 1564, vice Hill resigned, and was also archdeacon of Huntingdon. He died in 1567.

Thomas Ithell, LL.D., was collated loth June 1567. He died in 1579.

Robert Norgate, S.T.B., was installed 8th May 1579.

Thomas Nevil, S.T.P., was in this stall in 1590, and in 1615. Ob. 2nd May 16 15. He was dean of Can- terbury and master of Trinity college, Cambridge.

John Boyse was installed 25th Aug. 1615.

Daniel Wigmore, collated 28th May 1615. Ob. 1646.

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