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Odo. Died x Cal. Julii (28th June) 1083 "'^. RoLAMNUs. Died v Id. Mar. (nth jNIarch) 110479. Erualdus. Died ii Id. Mar. (14th March) ii36o. Robert de Warlewast, afterwards bishop of this

see. King Stephen addressed a letter to him. Walter de Coxstantiis occurs in 1143^^ Henry Fitzharding held this office about the year

1148. Ralph. Died possessed of it 17th Feb. 1154-5. Bartholomew occurs in 1155, and was raised to the

see in 1 161. Baldwin, late abbot of Ford, held it in 1165. He was

afterwards promoted to Worcester. John de Alen(,on held this dignity in June 1 190. Walter occurs about 1200. Henry dk Molesiis or jNIklvile witnessed a deed of

bishop Hen. Marshall 31st Aug. 1205. He died in

1221 "-. Serlo from this office became the first dean in Dec.

1225. Bonus witnessed bishop Brewer's grant to St. John's

Hospital. Bartholomew witnessed a deed dated 26th Nov. 1236.

Died in office xi Cal. Oct. (2i8t Sept.) 1247.

��77 In a deed bearing date 2nd ter,Hugo,andRadulphu3. Arch- July 1 133 the following names deacon William is stated, in the of archdeacons occur: Robert, Martyrologium, to have died William de Auc, Ernaldus, and 29th May 1 189. In the Martyr- Odo. In another deed, of the ology is the following : " x Cal. same age, it appears that bishop Sept. (23rd Aug.) obiit Johannes WiUiamWarlewast(ii07toabout Lumb, arehidiaconus. 29 Dec. 1 136) had purchased a house 1 189, obiit Willielmus, archidia- and garden in Exeter of the arch- conus et canonicus." deacon Ascelinus. In bishop Ro- "8 Martyrol. Eccl. Exon. bert Chichester's time, between 79 ibid. ^^ Ibid. 1 138 and 1 155, the following *^1 Reg. Exon. archdeacons were witnesses to ^2 Martyrol. Eccl. Exon. deeds : William de Auco, Wal-

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