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William Barton, who was admitted 14th May 1415,

and died in office nearly six years after. John Thifarn, M.D., collated 3rd Nov. 1421 ; on

whose resignation, Alan Kyrketon was collated i6th July 1433. John Burneby was collated i6th Aug. 1443, ^^^ ^^'

signed it for the treasurership. Thomas Manning, collated 4th June 1453. Thomas Chippenham succeeded, and held it in 1466;

at whose death, Owen Lloid was collated 15th Feb. 1477-8. Walter Pennybrooke occurs in 1479. William Wagott occurs 24th June 1479? ^^^ ^S^

June 1480. Edmund Chaterton, collated 26th March 1491. Ob.

1499. H^^ ^^^^^' dated 6th April 1499, was proved

12th Oct. following. Ralph Hethcote succeeded, and died early in 1499-

1500. John Fulford, collated 15th March 1499-1500; on

whose removal to the archdeaconry of Cornwall, 1 8th

April 1 5 15, Richard Sydnor succeeded, and died early in 1534. George Carewe, collated 28th April 1534, and in- stalled I ith May following ; on whose resignation, William Collumpton or Fawell, lasi prior of St.

Nicholas', Exeter, and hisJiop of Hippo, was collated

loth Aug. 1549. William Fawell. Ob. 24th July 1557. John Pollard, collated 2nd March 1557-8. Thomas Kent. Died late in 1561. Robert Lougher, collated 21st Feb. 156 1-2. Oliver Whiddon, collated 5th June 1568. Died in

1580. His will proved lotli Dec. 1580. John Cole, collated 24th Nov. 1580. He died three

years after. Lewis Swete, collated 12th Feb. 1583-4.

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