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Henry Bold, ist Dec. 1668.

Francis Moore, 19th July 1669, vice Henry Byam. Thomas Tomkins, 8th Nov. 1669, vice Richard Mervin. Anthony Horneck, vice Joseph Maynard, 13th June

1670. Walter Brace, vice Thomas Portman, 30th July 1670. Edward .Drewe, 19th June 1671, vice Thos. Grenfield, Nicholas Hall, 29th Aug. 1672, vice Baldwin Acland. Henry Grenisworth, 27th Sept. 1673, vice Martin

Blake. John Ceely, 19th June 1674, vice Edw. Wittenhall. John Gilbert, 18th March 16745, vice Samuel Hall. William Jesse, 30th Aug. 1675, ^'^^^ Thos. Tomkins. Edward Lake, 13th Dec. 1675, ^^^^ Edward Cotton. William Naylor, 22nd Sept. 1676^^. Ralph Davenant, 19th June 1677, vice Roger Ashton. George Hooper, ]6th Oct. 1677, vice Henry Bold. John Mill, 29th Oct. 1677, vice Charles Fotherby. Thomas Croswaite, 7th June 1678, vice Wm. Naylor. Louis Burnett, istOct. 1678, vice James Lake. Thomas Snell, 4th Jan. 1678-9, vice John Snell. John Reynolds, nth June 1679, vice William Jesse. John Ruddle, and Oct. 16S0, vice Henry Grenisworth. Jasper Phillips, 9th Oct. 1680, vice Thomas Flavell. Richard Annesley, 23rd March 1 680-1, vice George

Cary, John Wilcox, 12th April 1681, vice Francis Moore. Thomas Long, jun., 27th April 1681, vice Ralph Da-

venant. George Snell, 31st Jan. 16845, vice Thomas Snell. Anthony Tonstall, 22nd Oct. 1686, vice Walter

Brace. Nicholas Kendall, 23rd Jan. 16878, vice Anthony

Tonstall. John James, 30th Aug. 1689, vice John Coppleston. Richard Long, 31st July 1690.

8-^ Not in the Bishops' Register. VOL. I. 31

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