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Walter Hewgoe, 9th Sept. 1735, vice Thomas Acland deceased.

Edward Reeks, 2nd Oct. 1735.

Thomas Morrison, 5th May 1736, vice Gilbert Lang- don deceased.

Zachaeiah Mudge, 18th Dec. 1736, vice John War- ren deceased. Ob. 3rd April 1769.

Thomas Prowse^ T3th May 1737, vice Thomas Worth deceased.

Robert Gilbert, 9th Aug. 1737, vice Charles Fleet- wood deceased.

John WiLSHMAX, 2nd Sept. 1737, vice William White- borne deceased ^^.

Theophilus Black ALL, chancellor of the diocese ofExon, 4th Nov. 1737, vice Francis Webber deceased ^'J. Ob. loth Nov. 1757.

Charles Williams, i8th Feb. 17378, vice John Wilshman deceased 1. Ob. 3rd Oct. 1755-

Thomas Payne, i8th April 1738, vice John Wallis deceased 2.

John Sleech, 13th Sept. 1739, vice Peter Fisher de- ceaseds Ob. 1788.

Henry Holds worth, loth March 1739, ^^^ Nicolas Kendall deceased K

Alured Clarke, loth Jan. 1740-T, vice John Gilbert promoted to the see of Llandaff ^.

Benjamin Bulkeley, 28th March 1 741, vice William Roberts deceased ^.

Peter Foulkes, ist May 1741, vice Walter Hewgoe deceased 7.

Aaron Baker, 31st Aug. 1741, vice George Allanson deceased ^.

John Snow, 19th Sept. 1741, vice George Drake de- ceased 9. Ob. ist Mar. 1772.

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