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to the see on Sunday vi Cal. Maii (April 26) 1114[1] and consecrated 17th May following[2]. He received his pall on Sunday 27th June 1115[3], and was enthroned the same day[4]. He died 19th Sept. 1122[5], and was buried in his own cathedral.

22 Hen. I.
William de Curbellio[6], prior and canon of St. Osyth[7] Chich, was elected pursuant to the congé d'élire dated Gloucester 4th Feb. 1123[8] and consecrated on the 18th of the same months[9]. He died vi Cal. Dec. (26th Nov.) 1136, in the fourteenth year of his primacy, and was buried at Canterbury[10].

The see was vacant two years[11].

3 Steph.
Theobald, abbot of Bec in Normandy, was elected archbishop 13th Dec. 1138, and was consecrated 8th Jan. 1139[12]. He died 18th April (xiv Cal. Maii) 1161, having been archbishop upwards of twenty-two years[13], and was buried in Christ church, Canterbury[14].

The see vacant upwards of a year[15].

8 Hen.II.
Thomas Becket, archdeacon of Canterbury and the Kings chancellor, was unanimously elected archbishop 24th May 1162, and was consecrated on Whitsunday

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