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Aug. 145 1, and translated to Lichfield and Coventry in 1453. 1453 John Stanbury, hisJiop of Bangor, was translated to

SiHen.VI. Hereford by bull of 7th Feb. 1452-3; the tempo- ralities were restored to him 26th March^^^ jje made his profession of obedience 6th April 1453 ^^^ ^^^^ ^ was enthroned 25th April ensuing, died nth May 1474, and was buried in Hereford cathedral. His will, dated 5th Feb. 1472-3, was proved 20th Oct. 1474. The license to elect a bishop in the stead of John Stanbury issued 26tli June 1474 6'^. 1474 Thomas Milling, S.T.P., abbot of Westminster^^, was

14Edw.IV. provided to this see by the Pope^^^ and had the tem- poralities restored to him 15th Aug. 1474^3. He was consecrated 21st Aug. in the chapel of St. Mary at Westminster. He died in March 149 1-2 6^ and was buried in the chapel of St, John the Baptist in West- minster Abbey. The conge d'elire, vice bishop Mil- ling, deceased, is dated 13th Nov. 1492 s^. 1492 Edmund Audley, bishop of Rochester, was translated to

8 Hen. VII. Hereford by the Pope's bull dated x Cal. Jul., 22nd

June 1492^^ (before the conge was issued), and had

the temporalities restored to him 26th Dec. following ^7.

By papal bull in 1502 he was translated to SahsburyS^.

1502 Hadrian de Castello^Q, an Italian cardinal, was


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61 The custody of the tempo- ^4 The custody of the tempo- ralities of the Abbey of West- ralities of the see of Hereford minster, vacant by the promo- was granted nth March 1491-2 tion of Thomas Milling to the to Edmund bishop of Rochester, bishopric of Hereford, was Bag. E. Bund. i. N^. 27. Pell, granted i6th Sept. 1474. Rot. 6.5 Pat. 8 Hen. VII. p. i. m. 4. Fin. 14 Edw. IV. m. 7. 60 Reg. Moreton. fol. 16.

62 The license for his conse- 67 Pat. 8 Hen. VII. p. i. m. 2. cration "extra ecclesiam Can- 68 pat. iYHen.VII.p.i.m.12. tuar." is dated 15th Aug. 1474. 69 Hadrianus Castellensis Pa- Reg. Cantuar. pse Secretarius Cardinalis S.

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