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John Dilewe held this dignity in 1449.

John Baily, collated 17th July 1460.

Thomas Down succeeded 12th April 1464.

Walter Petwine died possessed of this stall in 1470-

John Heynes, collated nth April 1470.

John Lech, collated 6th June 1480.

Robert Kent died possessed of this prebend in 1515.

William Peter, collated 13th Nov. 1515. Ob. 1524.

Thomas Parker succeeded in 1524.

Thomas Woodroff succeeded 2i8t July 153 1.

Walter Mey, collated 6th Sept, 153.5. Ob. 1558.

Edward Cooper succeeded in 1558.

Godfrey Goldsborougii, installed 30th Dec. 1585-

Ob, 1604. Thomas Singleton, installed 5th June 1604. Ob.

27th Nov. 1614. George Benson, admitted 5th Dec. 1614. His will,

dated i6th Sept. 1647, was proved 31st May 1648. Thomas Good, installed 29th Aug. 1660, Ob. 9th

April 1678. Philip Lewes, installed i6th April 1678. Ob. 1684. Thomas Rogers, installed 9th Aug. 1684. Richard Smallbrook, instituted 3rd Feb. 1709-10. Robert Breton, instituted 17th Feb. 1723-4. John AVoodcock, collated 6th Jan. 1769. Hugh Price, collated 26th Oct. 1781, Charles Morgan, collated 6th June 1782. John Napleton, collated 8th May 1789. Andrew Bell, collated 24th Feb. 1818. Henry Charles Hobart, 28th April 1819. William Peete Musgrave, ist Feb. 1844.


��CUBLINGTON, sometimes called MADLEY.

Roger de Sevenack, treasurer of this church, died pos- sessed of this prebend in 1299.

William de Mortimer (de Mortuomari), died ist Oct. 1316".

41 Reg. Bromfeld.

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