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Richard Baldwin succeeded 6th Aug. 1526. William Barret succeeded 19th June 1542. Robert Crowley, collated 9th July 1560. Archdeacon

of Hereford. John Badham succeeded April 1568. Thomas Turner, collated 31st Oct. 1569. Robert Russel, collated 8th June 1593. Henry Rogers, installed 28th Nov. 1616. Was buried

at Withington 15th June 1658. Thomas Goodwin held this stall circa 1660. Herbert Brofghton, collated 9th Nov. 1669. He

was buried at Madeley 29th July 1678. Thomas Tyrer, installed 9th Aug. 1678. Ob. 1684,

and was buried at Salleoh. John Hathwey, installed 2nd Dec. 1684. Ob. 1700,

and was buried at Bishop's Upton. Anthony Whistler, installed 23rd Sept. 1700. Ob.

1721. Henry Price, collated 29th April 1720. John Geree, collated 14th March 1733-4. Hon. Shute Barrington, collated 12th Sept. 1761. Ralph Cope Hopton, collated 25th May 1762. James Roberts, collated 22nd June 1797- John George Hannington, collated 15th April 181 6. Robert James Carr, collated nth Jan. 1822. He

resigned on being promoted to the see of Chichester. Hon. James Somers Cocks, collated 24th July 1824.


William de Kingscote held this stall in 1294.

Richard Sidenhale resigned it in 1348. ^JoHN Exeter exchanged this stall in Oct. 1396, with ^Walter Trote, installed i8th Oct. 1396. ^JoHN GoRWALL, Collated nth June 1401. <^^HOMAS Shelford succeeded 30th July 1406. V'JoHN Setow, collated 9th March 1409-10.

Nicholas Hereford resigned this stall in 1417.

William Bailly succeeded 6th Nov. 141 7.

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