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Thomas Cobham, S. T. P., precentor of York, was, according to the Canterbury registers, elected 28th May 1313, he being then at Paris, where he received notification of his election 6th June. Having consented to undertake the office, he was presented 9th June to the King, then also in Paris, but his majesty deferred his answer to the 24th, when Cobham once more presented himself before him at Pontois, but he again postponed his decision until his return to England. Upon this Cobham proceeded direct to the court of Rome at Avignon, but he there learned that the Pope, by bull dated v Cal. Maii (27th April), nearly a month anterior to archbishop Winchelsey's death, had reserved to himself the next presentation to the see of Canterbury[1]; and accordingly

7 Edw. II.
Walter Reynolds, bishop of Worcester, was translated to this see by papal provision; the bull was dated Cal. Oct. (1st Oct.) 1313, and the King restored the temporalities to him 3rd Jan. 1314 following[2]. He received his pall 11th Feb. in the church of Chartham (sent by the hands of Walter de Maydestune, his successor in the see of Worcester), and was enthroned on the 18th of the same month[3]. Godwin however states that the bulls of his translation were published in Bow church 4th Jan. 1313[4] that he received his pall 17th Feb. and was installed with great pomp and solemnity 19th April in the presence of the King, the Queen, and many nobles. He died 16th Nov. 1327[5], and was buried in his own cathedral on the 27th of the same month[6]. The license for the election of an archbishop in his room was issued 30th Nov. 1327[7], and

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