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12 Jac. I,

��next dayy% and enthroned on the 29th of the same month ^*'. He was translated to London 20th Jan, 1610 97, and thence to Canterbury. 1610 Richard Neil, bishop of Rochester, was elected to this 8 Jac. I. see i2th Oct. 1610; he was confirmed 6th Dec.9**, and enthroned nth Jan. 1610 ii'^'^. He was trans- lated to Lincoln 18th Feb. 1613-14^; thence to Dur- ham, Winchester, and York. JoHx Overall, S.T.P., dean of St. PauVs, was elected 14th March 1613-14, confirmed 2nd April, con- secrated the next day-, and enthroned 4th May^. He was translated to Norwich in i6j8. The confje d'elire vice bishop Overall issued 7th Oct. 1618'; in pursuance of which 1619 Thomas ^NIortox, bishop of Chester, was elected, and 17 Jac. I. obtained the royal assent to his election 16th Feb. 1618-19^. He was confirmed 6th March ^, and on the 24th of that month received the temporalities 7. He was translated to Durham in 1632. Robert Wright, bishop of Bristol, was elected to this see 30th Oct. 1632, and consecrated 28th Nov.^ He died in Aug. 1643, and was buried at Eccleshall jst Sept.9 Accepted Frewex, S.T.P., dean of Gloucester, and president of Macfdalen college Oxford, was nominated to this see by the King 17th Aug. 1643, and conse- crated in April 1644^'^. L^pon the restoration he was translated to the archbishopric of York. 1 66 1 JoHx Hacket, S.T.P., archdeacon of Bedford, was 13 Car. II. elected 6th Dec. 1661, and consecrated on the 22nd


7 Car. 1.

��1644 19 Car. I.

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