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John Tyghe, LL.D., succeeded 23rd Oct. 1481, vice

Edmonds deceased. Thomas Moreton succeeded 25th July 1482, vice

Tyghe resigned. Richard Cowland succeeded 4th June 1499, vice

Moreton resigned. He died in 1506, being also dean

of Bangor and precentor of Lincoln. Richard Wiot, B.D., admitted in Sept. 1506; he re- signed it for Ruiton to Nicholas Stokesley, LL.D., admitted 28th Jan.

15089, vice Wiot resigned. He quitted it for Wel- lington to John Foster, about 1527. John Ryton, S.T.P., collated 2nd Oct. 1529, vice

Foster deceased. George Lee, LL.B., admitted 7tli May T537, vice

Ryton deceased. He became treasurer in 1542. Thomas Powell, admitted 3rd April 1543, vice Lee

resigned. He quitted this prebend for Longdon. William Broke, admitted in Oct. 1543, vice Powell

resigned, Edmond Bagshawe, admitted 24th Nov. 1569. Brute or Bryan Babington, S.T.P., collated i8th

Sept. 1592. Edward Bussey, collated igih. June 1601. John Boyle, collated 5th Feb. i6ro-ii. Thomas Bridgman, admitted 29th Dec. 1618. George Murrey, collated i ith April 1623. He quitted

this pi'ebend for Eccleshall. David Tuke, collated 4th Feb. 1623-4. James Povey, collated 20th Nov. 1637. Died in 1660. William Chadwick, A.M., succeeded 7th Mar. 1 660-1. Christopher Comyn, A.M., collated 26th Jan. 1663-4.

He died in 1699. Matthew Drakeford, collated i8th Oct. 1698 ; ad- mitted 13th June 1699. He died in 1704. Thomas Goodwin, B.D., collated 27th May 1704. He

quitted this prebend for Wellington.

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