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��Fawell or Collumpton, William, archd. Totnes, 403.

Fawkes, Thomas, prb. Lichfield, 620.

Fearon, Joseph Francis, prb. Chiches- ter, 279, 202.

Feild, Christopher, prb. Wells, 192.

Feild, Thomas, prb. Hereford, 529.

Fekeham, John de, archd. Brecknock, 310.

Feld, Thomas, prb. Hereford, 532.

Feld, John de la, prb. Hereford, 503.

Felde, Thomas, prb. Hereford, 515.

Felde, Thomas, dn. Hereford, 476.

Felde, Walter, chan. WeUs, 177.

Fell, Samuel, dn. Lichfield, 563.

FeU, Thomas Cotton, prb. Lichfield, 638, 639.

Felton, Nicholas, bp. Bristol, 215.

Felton, Nicholas, bp. Ely, 343.

Felton, Richard, prb. Lichfield, 637.

Felton, Robert, prb. Hereford, 506.

Felton, Robert, pre. Hereford, 486.

Feltvvell, John, prb. Lichfield, 640.

Feltwell or Fletewell, John de, chan. Lichfield, 584.

Feretta, William de, prb. Hereford, 492.

Feriby, Thomas, archd. Ely, 351.

Feriby, William de, dn. Hereford, 476.

Fermer, John, prb. Lichfield, 640.

Feme, Francis, prb. Ely, 360.

Feme, Henry, dn. Ely, 348.

Ferrar, Robert, bp. St. David's, 300.

Ferringes, Richard de, archd. Canter- bury, 39.

Ferris, Thomas, prb. Chichester, 280.

Ferris, Thomas, pre. Chichester, 267.

Ferrowe, John, prb. Wells, 194.

Fetherstone, Alex., prb. Lichfield, 592.

Fevvtrell, Wilham, prb. Wells, 211.

Field, Richard, dn. Gloucester, 444.

Field, Theophilus, bp. St. David's, 302.

Field, Theophilus, bp. Hereford, 471.

Fielding, John, archd. Dorset, 226.

Fileby, Adam de, prb. Hereford, 514.

Fileby, Robert de, prb. Hereford, 520.

Finch, Daniel, prb. Gloucester, 451.

Finch, Edward, prb. Canterbury, 48.

Finch, Henry, prb. Ely, 356, 361.

Finch, Leopold William, prb. Canter- bury, 61.

Fisher, John, prb. Exeter, 432.

Fisher, John, archd. Exeter, 397.

Fisher, John, bp. Exeter, 383.

Fisher, Jonath. Parker,prb. Exeter, 432.

Fisher, Jonathan Parker, archd. Ba- rum, 408.

Fisher, Jonathan Parker, subd. Exeter, 391-

��Fisher, Peter, prb. Exeter, 426.

Fisher, Philip, prb. Exeter, 432.

Fisk, George, prb. Lichfield, 606.

Fitch, Henry, prb. Wells, 184.

Fitzgerald, David, bp. St. David's, 290

Fitz-David, Gervase,archd.Bangor,i 13

Fitz-Gerald,David,archd. Cardigan, 31 4

Fitz-Gildpe, Robert, archd. Totnes, 402

Fitzharding, Henry, archd. Exeter, 392

Fitz-Henewreyk or Henric, Madoc, archd. Anglesey, 114.

Fitz- Herbert, Richard, archd. Dorset, 225.

Fitzherbert, Thos., prb. Lichfield, 635.

Fitz-Herbert,Thos., pre. Lichfield, 580.

Fitzherbert, Wm., prb. Hereford, 516.

Fitz-herbert, Wm., chan. Lichfield, 585.

Fitzhugh, Robert, prb. Lichfield, 61 r.

Fitz-Hugh, William Anthony, prb. Wells, 179.

Fitz- James, James, prb. Wells, 182.

Fitz- James, James, chan. Wells, 177.

Fitz- James, James, subd. WeUs, 157.

Fitz-James, John, archd. Taunton, 16S.

Fitz-James, Rich., bp. Chichester, 248.

Fitz-James, Wilham, dn. Wells, 153.

Fitz-Joceline, Reginald, bp. Bath and WeUs, 129.

Fitz-Jocehne, Reginald, abp. Canter- bury, 9.

Fitz-John, John, archd. Totnes, 401.

Fitz-Neale, ahas Ely, Richard de, archd.

Kiy, 3.50-

Fitz-Nicholas, Nicholas, treas. WeUs, 172.

Fitz-Peter, Walter, treas. Exeter, 414.

Fitz-Ralph, Rich., archd. Chester, 566.

Fitz-Ralph, Richard, dn. Lichfield, 561.

Fitz-Robert, Simon, archd. WeUs, 159.

Fitz-rogo, William, archd. Barum, 406.

Fitzvvalter, Walter, archd. Hereford,48o.

Fitz-Warin, Henry, prb. Hereford, 501.

Flamsted, Rich., prb. Wells, 180, 183.

Flavel, Thomas, prb. Exeter, 424.

Fleetwood, Charles, prb. Ely, 357.

Fleetwood, Charles, pi'b. Exeter, 427.

Fleetwood, Chas., archd. Corn wall, 400.

Fleetwood, James, ]jrb. Lichfield, 602.

Fleetwood, Roger, prb. Lichfield, 588.

Fleetwood, William, bp. St. Asaph, 77.

Fleetwood, William, bp. Ely, 345.

Fleogild, abp. Canterbury, 4.

Fleshemonger, William, dn. Chiches- ter, 257.

Fletcher, Richard, bp. Bristol, 214.

Fletcher, Thomas, prb. AVells, 181.

Fletewell or Feltwell, John de, chan. Lichfield, 584.

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