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��Smallbrooke, Richard, bp. St. David's,


Smallwell,Edward,bp. St. David's, 306.

SmallwoodjMatthew, dn. Lichfield, 563.

Smalridge, George, prb. Lichfield, 603.

Smalridge, George, bp. Bristol, 218.

Smart, Josiah, prb. Lichfield. 600.

Smith, Alexander, prb. Wells, 188.

Smith, Barnabas, prb. Wells, 208.

Smith, Fred. Jeremiah, prb.Wells, 203.

Smith, Humphrey, prb. Exeter, 426.

Smith, James, prb. Ely, 362.

Smith, James, pre. Exeter, 412.

Smith, James, archd. Barum, 407.

Smith, Jeremiah, prb. Lichfield, 626.

Smith, John, prb. Gloucester, 447, 451.

Smith, John, treas. Chichester, 268.

Smith, Meshack, prb.Wells, 189.

Smith, Miles, prb. Hereford 508.

Smith, Miles, l3p. Gloucester, 439.

Smith, Nicholas, prb. Hereford, 497,

Smith, Nich., archd. Salop, 484, 575.

Smith, Richard, prb. Bristol, 229.

Smith, Richard, prb. Hereford, 497,505, 512.

Smith, Sebastian, prb.Wells, 182, 207.

Smith, Sebastian, pre. Wells, 171.

Smith, Simon, prb. Hereford, 510.

Smith, Simon, archd. Hereford, 481.

Smith, Sydney, prb. Bristol, 230.

Smith, Thomas, prb. Lichfield, 629.

Smith, William, prb. Lichfield, 623.

Smith, William, bp. Coventry and Lichfield, 554.

Smith, alias Oliver, John, prb. Here- ford, 508, 519.

Smyth, Thomas Scott, prb. Exeter, 433.

Smythe, Milo, prb. Exeter, 421.

Snell, George, prb. Exeter, 425.

Snell, George, archd. Totnes, 404.

Snell, John, prb. Exeter, 424, 426.

Snell, Thomas, prb. Exeter, 425.

Sneyd, Ralph, prb. St. Asaph, 86.

Sneyd, Ralph, prb. Lichfield, 587.

Snow, John, prb. Exeter, 428.

Snow, John, pre. Exeter, 413.

Snow, Paul Geo., prb.Wells, 197, 201.

Snow, Paul George, chan. Wells, 178.

Snow, Paul George, treas. Wells, 174.

Snow, Paul Henry, prb.Wells, 182.

Snow, Wilham, dn. Bristol, 222.

Snowe, John, prb.Wells, 193.

Somaster,Thomas,archd. Cornwall, 400.

Somer, Henry, prb. Wells, 180.

Somerby, John de, prb. Lichfield, 620.

Somerset, Lord William George Henry, prb. Bristol, 231.

Somersete, Henry de, chan. Exeter, 417.

��Somersete, Henry de, pre. Exeter, 409. Somersete, Henry de, dn. Exeter, 385. Somerville, William, prb. Wells, 192. Sommastre,William, prb. Lichfield, 594. Sompner, Oliver, prb. Hereford, 513. Soterworth,William,prb. Lichfield, 592. Soterworth, Wm., chan. Lichfield, 585. Sotesby, Hugh de, prb. Lichfield, 638. Sotheron or Southern, Thomas, treas.

Exeter, 416. South, Warne, prb. Wells, 206. South, Warner, prb.Wells, 179. Southam, John, prb. Lichfield, 634, Southern or Sotheron, Thomas, treas.

Exeter, 416. Southwell or Suwell, Simon de, treas.

Lichfield, 581. Spakeston, Richard de, dn. Wells, 149. Sparchford, Richard, prb. Hereford, 522. Sparchford, Richard, archd. Salop, 484. Spark, Archibald, prb. St. Asaph, 87. Spark, Thomas, prb. Lichfield, 617. Sjjarke, Bowyer Edward, dn. Bristol,

224. Sparke, Bowyer Edward, bp. Ely, 346. Sparke, Edward Bowyer, prb. Ely, 358,

, 361.

Sparke, John H., prb. Ely, 360.

Sparke, John Henry, prb. Ely, 359.

Sparkeford, Thomas, archd. Taunton, 167.

Sparrow, Anthony, prb. Ely, 356.

Sparrow, Anthon)', archd. Exeter, 396.

Sparrow, Anthony, bp. Exeter, 381.

Sparry, Ambrose, prb. Hereford, 497.

Spateman, Thos., prb. Chichester, 274.

Spateman, Thomas, prb. Lichfield, 6^6.

Speare, WilUam, prb. Exeter, 433.

Speed, Samuel, prb. Chichester, 274.

Speke, William, prb. Bristol, 233.

Speke, William, prb. Wells, 189.

Spekynton, John, subd. Wells, 157.

Spencer, Devereux, prb. Lichfield, 610.

Spencer, John, prb. Ely, 355.

Spencer, John, archd. Chichester, 260.

Spencer, John, dn. Ely, 349.

Spert, Thomas, chan. Wells, 176.

Spoflfbrd, Thomas, bp. Hereford, 465.

Spooner, William, prb. Lichfield, 591.

Spooner, William, archd. Coventry, 570.

Sprever, William, archd. Bath, 164.

Spridlington, Richard de, prb. Lich- field, 615.

Spridlington, Wm. de, bp. St. Asaph, 69.

Spridlington or Springlinton, William de, dn. St. Asaph, 82.

SpringUnton,,dn. St. Asaph, 82.

Sprint, John, dn. Bristol, 223.

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