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��Woodhoiise, John Chappel, archd. Sa- lop, 575-

Woodhouse, John Chappel, dn. Lich- field, 564.

Woodhouse, Rohert de, prb. Lichfield,

591- Woodhowse, William, prb. Wells, 182.

WoodroflT, John, prb. Hereford, 513.

Woodrofi", Thomas, prb. Hereford, 502, 510.

Woodroflfe, Benj., prb. Lichfield, 625.

Woodstock, Henry, prb. Lichfield, 520.

Woodvile or Widevill, Lionel, dn. Ex- eter, 386.

Woodward, John, prb. Chichester, 272.

Woodward, John, prb. Gloucester, 447.

Woodward, John, prb. Wells, 201.

Woodward, William Peckham, prb. Chichester, 283.

Woodyeates, Thomas, prb. Wells, 197, 210.

Woollcombe, Henry, prb. Exeter, 434.

Woolcombe, William, prb. Exeter, 431.

WooUey, Samuel, prb. Gloucester, 450.

Woorsley, William, prb. Lichfield, 629.

Wor, Aldwini, bp. Lichfield, 540.

Wordrop, John, archd. Stafford, 572.

Wormington, John, prb. Hereford, 498.

Woron, bp. Cornwall, 364.

Worrell, Thomas, prb. Exeter, 423.

Worseley, Wm., archd. Taunton, 167.

Worshiat, John, chan. Chichester, 271.

Worshop, alias Chesterfield, Thomas, prb. Hereford, 51,5.

Worsley, Thomas, prb. Lichfield, 629.

Worth, Thomas, prb. Exeter, 427.

Worthington, Wm., prb. St. Asaph, 92.

Worthyal, John, archd. Chichester, 260.

Wotton, Edward, prb. Wells, 2TI.

Wotton, John, bp. Exeter, 379.

Wotton, Nicholas, treas. Exeter, 416.

Wotton, Nich., archd. Gloucester, 445.

Wotton, Nich., dn. Canterbury, 32.

Wotton, Thomas, prb. Hereford, .1^27.

Wotton, Thomas, treas. Hereford, 491.

Wotton, alias Peirworden, Matthew, . archd. Merioneth, 116.

Wotton, Peter de, prb. Hereford, 526.

Wrangill, Richard, prb. Lichfield, 624.

Wren, Matthew, bp. Ely, 344.

Wren, Matthew, bp. Hereford, 471. Wren, Thomas, prb. Ely, 359. Wren, Thomas, archd. Ely, 352. Wrench, Elias, prb. Gloucester, 448. Wrenn, JefFry, prb. Lichfield, 594. Wrifelle, Wm. de, prb. Lichfield, 630. Wright, John, chan. Chichester, 271. Wright, Nicholas, prb. St. Asaph, 88.

��Wright, Robert, prb. Lichfield, 591.

Wright, Robert, prb. Wells, 190.

Wright, Robert, treas. Wells, 174.

Wright, Robert, bp. Bristol, 216.

Wright, Robert, bp. Coventry & Lich- field, 557.

Wright, William, prb. Wells, 192.

Wrixham, William, prb. Hereford, 516,

Wrixham, William, prb. Lichfield, 623.

Wroth, William, treas. St. David's, 317.

Wrotham, William de, archd. Canter- bury, 39.

Wrotham,, archd .Taunton, 166.

Wulfelm, bp. Wells, 126.

Wulfelm, abp. Canterbury, 5.

Wulf heard, bp. Hereford, 454.

Wulfhelm, bp. Hereford, 455.

Wulfhelm, (alleged) bp. Wells, 127.

Wulfred, abp. Canterbury, 4.

Wulfrid or Winfred, bp. Lichfield, 538.

Wullock, John, prb. Lichfield, 592.

Wulsius, bp. Lichfield, 543.

Wursop, alias Chesterfeld, Thomas, prb. Lichfield, 630.

Wursop, abas Chesterfeld, Thomas, archd. Salop, 574.

Wyatt,Wm. Robert, prb. St. Asaph, 93.

Wycham, Ralph de, archd. Bath, 163.

Wykeham, William de, prb. Lichfield, 603.

Wykes, William de, prb. Hereford, 520.

Wyllughby, Edward, ])rb.Lichfield,6oi.

Wylughby, Edw., archd. Stafford, 572.

Wylughby, Edward, dn. Exeter, 386.

Wylyet, John, chan. Exeter, 418.

Wymburne, Jordan de, archd. Derby,


Wymundham, Thomas de, pre. Lich- field, 578.

Wynch, Henry, prb. Wells, 184.

Wynd, Georg?", pre. Chichester, 266.

Wyndeford orWyndesore, Walter, subd. Exeter, 390.

Wyndesore, Walter, subd. Exeter, 390.

Wyndham, John, prb. Wells, 187.

Wyne, John, pre. Chichester, 265.

Wyneyard, William, prb. Wells, 183.

Wynkelegh, Roger de, archd. Totnes, 401.

Wynkelegh, Roger de, dn. Exeter, 384.

Wynn, Griffith, prb. Bangor, 120.

Wynn, Hugh, pre. Bangor, 118.

Wynne, Edward, chan. Bangor, 119.

Wynne, Hugh, archd. Merioneth, 117.

Wynne, John, prb. St. Asaph, 88.

Wynne, John, prb. Chichester, 274.

Wynne, John, prb.WeUs, 202.

Wynne, John, bp. St. Asaph, 77.

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