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�� ��144 LINCOLN.


John in. ScALLEBY, collated in 1305, and died in ij))- John de Eaton had a grant of* this prebend in 1529

from the Pope. William Colebi succeeded about 1334, vioe Scalleby

d<ri astd. Henri de Dale Buooeeded about 1342. Thomas Banasti b exchanged it for a prebend in Sa-

li-Iuiiy and another in LlandafK with

Richard di Croxton, who was collated [8th Nov.

.380. Edmond i.i. E8trang] exchanged it in [383 for the

prebend of Weltoo \l\ vail with Pi 111: in Dalton. He soon after was made treasurt Iloni 1; r in Win rTEBi was collated 9th Oct. 1390, bj

exchange with Dalton for Farenden; he exchanged

this also for Ketton with John Thomas 6th April The next was

John S01 im.\m. Z2nd Oct. 1401. He quitted it for

Northilsiy in 14 .!on\ Ei 1 i;no\ Buooeeded in 1408. He died 4th Sept.

1413. William Bothe, afterwards bishop of Lichfield and

archbishop of York, succeeded to this prebend. He

was installed by proxy 18th Oct 14:0. and quitted it

in 142 1 . William Malberthorpe, collated 27th May 1421. John Tykint. ton. p --id of this stall in 1444. Thomas Ski <> man. treasurer of this church, held this

stall the next year. John Chamberlain held it in 1450. William Ski lton, installed 30th May 147 i. John Lima 1 ord, installed 15th June 1473. \\ ii.i.iA.M Town, who had been precentor, accepted

this stall 24th Julv, and was in-tailed by proxy 17th

Oct. 1473. and bring old and infirm, he accepted a

pension out of it, 61. J \9. 4'/. per annum for bis life

�� �