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��collated xvii Cal. Feb. ( 1 6th Jan.) 1 294-5 : void by tho death of B. de Saxenhurst " '. In [310 he was made dean of this church.

Reymund de Faegis was installed 31st Oct. 1310" .

Thomas de Noethwode was archdeacon of* Leicester

ill 1344"'. Henei di Chaddesden was presented by the King

28th Feb.*", and admitted by the bishop 14th March

[346 7? B . He died 8th May 1354, and was buried

in St. Pauls cathedral, London* 79 . William Donne, L L. 1 >.. was collated [2th May [354 .

void by the death of EL de Chaddesden 80 . tie held

it (wiii Cal. .Jan.) 5th Dec. 1359 81 . John BoTLl SB \ M

Pon< 11 r.iNua in (Jesinis held it 29th Sept. [38c John Elvkt.

Hii 1 ( LED I foil WD.

V John Elvi reappointed j bh May 1 ,,_ . Hia colla- tion revoked isl 139a . and Elichard Holland appointed ; but he was admitted 4th 1 , 1 [e di( d in [404.

��:i Reg Line.

[bid. See Rymer, voL iv. pp.a70.409.5a3j vol.v. pp.309.


,; ( 'ait. Misc. I'urh. 424O.

" Pat. 2\ Bdw. III. p.I. in. 39.

"" K g. Line.


  • " Reg. < iyndw

- Ibid.

11k King 1 this arch-

deaconry to John Botleaham, 7 th Feb. Pat. 13 Ric. II. p. 2. m. 11.) but the Pope gave it to Poncellinus de Uroinis, a cardinal jirk >t by the title (if St. ( upon which arose a law-suit be- twixt the con:

which remained a long while un- decided, but at length John (rather than offend the see apo-

��stolic 1 renounced hit pn b naions. The King confirmed the cardi- nal's appointment 18th Dec. 14 Ric. 2. p. 2. in 39 . I hen one J"' 11 hi,, t procured a grant of the same from the King .,0th May. I*.:l.i -Ri. [I.p.a.m.7. ; but

the Kin;,' Boon after varying from that grant, made another to Ri- chard Holland 1 jrtb July, I Pat. 1 6

Ric. II. p. 1. mm. 26. 20 . Rut ngtfa tin- rait l)eiiiL r deter- mined in favour of the K right of presentation, he revoked the grant made to Richard Hol- land, and Bettled in it .luhn Klvet.

- Pat. 4 Ric. II. p. 1. m. 17.

- P t. 1.-, Ric. 11. p. 2. m. 7.

B Pat. 10 Ric. II. ]>. 1. mm. 20. 26.

R g, Bokyngham.

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