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Clement Bretox, collated 2nd Aug. 1662 s , and in- stalled 7th Sept. 1662. William Owteam, S.T.P., was installed 30th July 1669, void by the death of Bretton 6 . He died 23rd

Aug. 1679, setat. 5 j, and was buried in Westminster

abbey " . Fh.wi [8 Meeees, A.M., was collated 10th Sept. 1679,

and installed 3rd Nov. following 8 . He died 27th Aug.

1683, setat. 77. Byeom Eaton, S.T.P., archdeaeon of&tow,v?&s collated

3rd Sept. 1683, and installed the 5th of the same

month: void by the death of F. Meeres. Ho died

in 1703. John Rogees, collated 29th Nov. 1703. Ob. 7th May

1715, setat. 67. David Teimnel, collated 17th May 1715. Ob. 1 8th

May 1756. Jonx Taylor, collated 7th July 1756, installed 1 6th

July. James Bickham, B. Decollated 17th Dec. 177 2, installed

2nd Jan. 1773, vice John Taylor deceased. Andrew Buenaby, collated 25th Jan. 1786, installed

1 8th March, vice James Bickham. Ob. 9th March

1 81 2, setat. 80. Thomas Parkinson, collated 31st March 1812, in- stalled 2nd May, vice Andrew Burnaby. Ob. 13th Nov.

1830, setat. 86. Thomas Kaye Bonnet, collated 22nd Jan. 1831, vice

Thomas Parkinson.

This archdeaconry was transferred to the diocese

of Peterborough by order in council 21st Aug. 1837,

and the venerable archdeacon Bonney still holds that

dignity there.

This dignity is rated for first fruits at 87^ 19s. 2d. w

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