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William Newton was collated 2nd April 153 1 : void

by the resignation of Gardiner '-. Alexander (aim w was archdeacon of Norfolk in 1547.

Died in March [55 1. Matthew (' \i:r.\\ was archdeacon in 1563 or 1567. Richaed Stokes was admitted 6th April 1587.

Tiiom \^ -I l (.ox. ( )b. 1617.

Feancis Mason was installed 18th Deo. 16 14.

Thomas Muriel, A.M., was collated 28th Dec. 1621, and installed 30th Dec. following. Ob. [629: he was buried at Hildenham, where he was rector.

Weithington White was installed 28th Oct. 1629. <)]. [631.

Rob] rt White, S.T.B., was installed 23rd Sept. 1631. Buried at Llandgaflfo in Anglesey 4th Sept. 1657.

l'n 1 in 1 Ti ntison, S.T.P., was installed 24th Aug. 1660

Edwaed Reynolds, A.M.. was collated 15th Feb. 166C-1, and installed 15th April 1661. Ob. 28th June 1608, setat. 69; he was buried at Kingsthorp, near Northampton.

Charles Teimnell, S.T.P., was collated 2cth July 1698. In 1707-8 he was made bishop of this sec

Robert Cannon, S.T.P., was nominated 15th Feb. 1707-8 * 3 ; admitted nth March: void by the pro- motion of Trimnell to the see of Norwich. He became dean of Lincoln in 1721.

Thomas Tanneb, collated 7th Dec., installed 26th Dec. 1721, vice Cannon resigned.

Joiix Baeon, A.M., nominated by the King in Feb. 17312, on the promotion of Tanner. He resigned this archdeaconr) on being made dean of Norwich.

Johx Salter, installed 28th Nov. 1734, vice Dr. Baron resigned.

Samuel Stedman, D.D., 16th Sept. 1756 44 .

��42 Reg. Nyx XIV. f. 12. u Bishops' Certificates.

43 Church Book, Home Office.

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