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DEANS. .513

Brian Duppa, S.T.P., was nominated by the King 24th Oct. 1628 sl , installed z8th Nov. 1629. and in 1638 he was made bishop of Chichester.

Samuel Fell, S.T.P., dean of LichJU Id, was nominated dean here 28th June 1638, vice Duppa promoted to Chichester; and in 1647 ' ie was ejected. He died 1st Feb. 1648 9, and was buried in the church of Sun- ningwell near Abingdon 00. Berks. He also held the office of Margaret professor.

Edward Reynolds, A.M., preacher of Lincoln s I had possession of this dignity given him by the same authority that ejected his predecessor, 12th April 164S. And in J 650 he was turned out to make room for

John Owen, who enjoyed it under tho influence of the same usurped power from 1 8th March 1650-51 to [ ith March 1659-60, when he was deprived. He died 24th Aug. 1683, and was buried in Bunhill fields, London, among the dissenters, aetat. 67.

Edward Reynolds, S.T.P., was restored 13th March 165960, but forced to quit the office very soon after. He became bishop of Norwich in 1661.

George Morley, S.T.P., was installed 27th July 1660; and in October the same year he was made bishop of Worcester v -.

John Fell, S.T.P., canon of this church, was installed 30th Nov. 1660; in 1676 he was made bishop of this see, and held the deanery in commendam till his death, 10th July 1686.

Johx Massey, A.M., was installed 29th Dec. 1686, and quitted it in the year 1688, being a Roman catholic. He fled abroad, and died in 1716 at Paris, and was buried in the convent of blue nuns there, of which he was confessor.

Bex j ami x Woodroff was nominated by the King

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